Notes For 28th April

Here goes the notes for the 28th of April

  • A new week, a new induction – 22 new joinees to our company. I’m getting a little bored with this.
  • I am missing my noisy but nice bunch of 20 kids that I took through preprocess training last week. And judging by what they said when they came to speak to me, they are missing me too. I’m just round the hall from you, guys!
  • One of my colleagues had an accident last night (he crashed his bike while slightly under the influence) and had to get bandaged & some stitches done. The moron came to work today – he was sent back home in 5 minutes in the company cab.
  • Some others in my group are feeling the effects of being abused by some morons in mid-management. They want to quit. So do I.
  • I might have to postpone my vacation, again, but I don’t think there is any other option at the moment. Just too much stuff happening.