Dragon – Jake Shimabukuro

The ukelele is not an instrument that I normally dream about excelling at. Or you for that matter. Admit it, if you like music and would like to play an instrument, you almost always dream about rocking on the guitar, bass, keyboard, piao, drums, sax, violin etc. But a ukelele? Well that’s what Japanese-Hawaiian Jake Shimabukuro set out to do and to be – a worldwide ambassador for the guitar’s little brother. The flamenco driven Shake It Up! starts the album with a strong kick and its an enjoyable kick. The title track Dragon is a tribute to one of Jake’s (and I’m pretty sure one of most of ours) heroes – Bruce Lee! Its a riveting Asian influenced number that is probably his best. Jake’s exquisite tone and musicality is shown on songs like With U Always, Me & Shirley T & Circle of Friends.

Floaters is an wonderful solo effort, that reminds me of a slow moving river besides a forest. 3rd Stream is an impressive, fusiony fast-fingers display with a jaw-dropping uke solo. The two side of Jake are showcased here : his solo brilliance and his ability to merge the ukelele into a more traditional band number.
The ukelele will always be a quite instrument that will need more space than most spotlight instruments. Touch, Toastmanland and Making a Perfect Yesterday are prime example of that. However, Shimabukuru is talented enough to make us absorb his liquid crystal sounds that are played on his instrument of choice, like in Looking Back. Give it a try.

The Sens Show Some Life

My team has floundered during the last few weeks. We have gone from the top to, well not the bottom, but we’ll need to really pick our act to even have a chance at winning the Stanley. After my last update, the Sens have lost to Carolina, Toronto, Montreal and Boston and also split a game each with the Buffalo Sabres. There was also a win against The Blues and another loss to the Canadiens. Things were not looking too good.

Yesterday’s game saw Ottawa looking more like the team that started the season. Facing a must win game away to Toronto, the Sens beat their provincial rivals 8-2 with a hattrick coming from Antoine Vermette, the first of his career. Dany Heatley scored a pair of goals, and Dean McAmmond, Cody Bass and Jason Spezza also notched goals for the Senators, who are now in 6th place and could finish 5th if things go their way. We just need a single point to avoid a scare and I speak for every single Sens fan, we could use a solid win.

Battlestar Galactica Final Season

Battlestar Galactica season 4 will start airing today (not in India), resuming the cult series for the final time. The series is poised for a climatic conclusion, with Kara ‘Starbuck’ Thrace, returning from what was presumed to be death, showing up in her viper and stating to have been to Earth and that she will lead the fleet to her. What will progress, I can only guess.

download electric apricot I haven’t yet been able to watch this show on tv here. I have seen quite a few episodes online on Veoh but Zee English is not one of the channels that I get with my stupid cable operator, hence I don’t get to see BSG. And they have deleted the episodes on Veoh due to copyright issues (I think).

I have asked around for getting the series on dvd and a couple have assured me that they will get atleast the 1st two seasons for me within the month. Then I will be able to follow the entire series, although I do know what has been happening all along (thanks to the internet).

My New Portable Hard Disk

So, with the money that I got from the internet ticket thingy now safely in my bank account, I decided to spend some of it on a couple of things that I was looking forward to. So off I went to Bay Pride Mall and after getting a new frame for my spectacles, I went to check out the portable/external hard drives that they have in one of the computer accessory stores there.

It’s a neat store and they have lots of interesting & cool gadgets. I browsed a bit and finally settled on the Western Digital 120gb portable hard drive USB 2.0. Its tiny, fits into the palm of your hand, so unlike the giant towers that I thought they would be.

There is no CD to install; the included software loads from the drive the first time you plug it in. It can fit into your pocket or purse or even the smallest handbag.

Tonight I hope to copy all of my mp3s into the new hard drive, as I will be soon running out of space on my main hard disk.

Wrestlemania XXIV

I haven’t seen the event yet, but this morning I went through the results of WWE’s flagship pay-per-view event, Wrestlemania XXIV. Held in the Citus Bowl in Orlando Florida, the event drew a crowd of 74,635 spectators. I kinda had an idea the way the matches would go. I was sure that ‘Taker would win, because there was no way that the WWE would let go of his phenomenal record. Let’s go through a few of the matches :

  • Ric Flair lost to Shawn Michaels in a ‘retirement match’; which means that the 59 year old 16 time world champion Flair will never wrestle again professionally.
  • Kane defeats Chavo Guerrero for the ECW Championship; after winning a 24 man battle royal earlier in the week, the big red machine beats that puny idiot for the title.
  • CM Punk beats Chris Jericho, Carlito, MVP, Mr.Kennedy, Shelton Benjamin & John Morrison in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match, and thereby gets a contract to challenge for either of the WWE, World Heavyweight or ECW championships at any time or event of his choosing, within a year.
  • The Undertaker defeats Edge for the World Heavyweight title and his record at Wrestlemania stands at 16 wins to 0 loses.
  • Randy Orton retains his WWE Championship in a triple threat match against HHH & John Cena, when he pins Cena after Triple H ‘pedigreed’ the rap reject.

Ok, that’s it for the wrestling results. Now here comes the fly in the ointment, the shit in your cake, the joke of the century – Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeats a man 5 times his size (I think), The Big Show, in a no disqualification match!! WTF? He beats Show with chairs and brass knuckles. Yeah, right! I think Show should just take the ghetto dwelling, uncultured, loud-mouthed dumbo Floyd and use him as an ass-wipe. The WWE can be really ridiculous at times.