Happy 38th Sherina

The dork that I am – I remembered that it was my sister, Sherine’s birthday on the 8th, then I forgot about it! Damn, I should have called her this morning to wish her. Anyways, 38 years ago this day, my sister was born. The hell mouth opened and the demon’s cheered the coming of the Princess of Darkness. Her scalp had the numbers 666 embedded in it. Satan exclaimed “My boss is here!”  Anyway, I hope she had a good day and may she have another wonderful 38 years ahead of her. Happy birthday sis!

Coffee Beanz

Coffee Beanz is this chain (well only two shops) in Kerala – one in Cochin & one in Trivandram. I hadn’t been to sample their wares in nearly 4 years, so I though I’d drop in and try something out. The main coffee shop / restaurant is on Marin Drive near Penta Maneka shopping complex. So just before I went to buy some dvds, I went in for some coffee. And it was a hot day – so what’s new – so I was really looking forward to some cold stuff.

The decor is quite nice, I really like the sleek wooden look to the furniture. And although in the picture below (its from the Trivandrum franchise) it looks very sunny, the one in Cochin has a darker look to it. They also have a couple of tables outside the main part of the shop, but you do have a ceiling above you. Really love the look! Can’t say much about their choice of music though. Dance & Poppy stuff from the 90s! Yuck.

I had a look at the menu and decided on a iced mocha coffee which was really good. And I had a plate of french fries (which was big and tasted like they are supposed to), which they served to me along with a small funny looking bowl of ketchup. However, the place had a funny smell to it, like some room freshner or liquid that they use to clean the floors that didn’t agree with me. Oh and another thing is that there are way too less tables in the shop and it’s kinda cramped, which I don’t like. It was ok sitting there yesterday as only two other tables were occupied but on a busy day, I don’t think I would enjoy it.

And finally, cool looking bathroom doors and the wash room is fine – but what the fuck, you don’t have a loo! What if someone drinks too many coffees and wants to take a leak?