Notes For 1st August

  • The salary finally came creeping in just before lunch. It got delayed all across the various branches and I think it will taken till Monday to get cleared.
  • I had a busy day at work, with it being the end of the month and reports & ppts needed to get completed. I also had to finish a report that was sent in for the person who I have assigned to my previous post but since she is new to it, I completed it myself and finished it just in time.
  • It seems that the department has done well this month, just as the same as last month and I got recognition for it. I almost broke down when it was compared to her. I can’t accept any accolades for it.
  • I slowly made my way back home in a company cab. I am tired and I don’t want to go back.

Broke & Depressed

Not only has the company delayed the annual appraisal because they want to restructure their budget and stuff, they have also delayed our usual monthly pay time. We normally get it by the 30th or 31st evening. It’s August 1st and I am broke and the money has not come in yet. I went to the ATM last night at around 8:15 pm and I have been checking my account through the bank’s website from 10 pm.

It’s not creditted yet. I am so broke that I can just about go to work and come back. Nothing else.

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