How I Spent My Birthday

I woke up bright and early at 6 am :) and watched music videos on Youtube. I was just in that mood. I read a few blogs. I got a few calls by around 8 am and attending to those took up a long time, so I reached the office by around 11 am. I sat down and read my mail while my team members went on their way to pretend to ignore me and act like they didn’t know that it was my birthday! Silly thing really; a few days ago, one of them actually checked with me to confirm that it was on the 2nd and I told her that we would all go out for lunch that day!

Well, the woman, the one I like, called me at around 12 pm to sing me ‘happy birthday’ and wish me for the day. She wanted me to go out and have some fun and not think of anything else. I said that it was impossible and I also asked her not to say ‘may all your wishes come true’, because my biggest wish wouldn’t come true. She was still trying to keep me in good spirits.

download the dudesons movie movie A little after 12 pm I noted that all my team members had vanished….they had got me a cake and a card & a present! They came in together, singing and wishing me and gave me the gift. It was a nice clock cum table lamp that is in the shape of a old style ship! I love it and it sits next to my computer now. We then went to cut the cake and splat! I was covered with chocolate gooey cake & cream – it was in my eyes, my nose, my ears and all over my face. It took two thorough washings to get rid of it.

We then went out to lunch and had a good 2 hours there. Then it was back to the office & later a couple of us went for some drinks at the Velocity bar. It was nice and the food was good but extremely pricey. Remind me never to eat food from there again!

Disconnected From The Net

It’s been almost 3 days since I posted here. I’ll explain.

I came back home on Saturday night at around 11 pm. I was exhasuted and just quickly entered a post (the one below) and I watched a dvd for a while before falling asleep. The next day, I woke up at around 9:30 am only to find that there was no electricity. I lazed around until 11, thinking of what to do to pass the time. After the power came back on, I realized that my internet connection was gone. A quick call to my ISP’s call center told me that it may take them till Monday to check & rectify the problem, it being a Sunday and all.

So I registered a complaint and then spent most of the day lying on my bed, listening to music and watching Friends episodes on dvd. I only got out of bed to eat, drink water/coffee or take a leak. Monday came and went and no internet. I called them up last night at around 10 (I only reached home at that time) and found out that some idiot truck driver had driven his truck over the internet cable and cut the damn thing. So it took them a long time to get it fixed.

That explains my online absence. I did check my mail & stuff from the office but I don’t much time to do anything more than that.