Notes For 6th August

  • I think today & yesterday were among the worst days in recent memory. Today was also quite hectic for me. The days immediately following my birthday are not looking promising at all.
  • But I am glad to see an email that came in – it doesn’t mean that everything is ok, but it means that I have hope and that I have lots of work to do on that front.
  • Its getting a bit messed up at work and therefore it’s becoming a huge head-ache for me. I have some issues that need to be sorted out and sorted out soon.
  • Its frustrating to be helpless when someone you care deeply about is hurting and is really upset. And is also upset with you because you represent something that angers her. Time & space! Time & space.
  • I went yesterday to order for some work pants to be stitched at a place nearby. They have an amazing store and it’s really cool. Although it was also a bit weird at 8 pm and almost no other customers there.