The Saga Of The Lost Interview

The same HR lady from another company, who I spoke to on Friday, arranged for me to have a video conference interview round with the head of training in her company. She had earlier confirmed it for 7 pm but on knowing that I would be delayed it was pushed back to 7:30 pm. I left the office at 6:30 and rushed to get into a bus and headed out to the High Court junction in search of a suitable internet cafe with a webcam (since I didn’t have one at home). I searched and searched for one that was recommended but it turned out to be closed.

So I headed over to GCDA thinking that they would have a webcam there, since there are 7 or 8 internet cafes there. Or so I thought. Most of them have closed shop and the ones that were open did not have webcams. So I headed over to Reliance WebWorld where I was assured that they have webcams. You need to have a membership there and even though I don’t have one, a friend offered me his account.

The power was down in huge areas of the city and so it was in MG Road as well. I waited for the power to come back on and it did but their UPS went down. It came back on for a few minutes and I tried loggin in but the keyboard got stuck. Once that was fixed, the UPS concked out again. It came back up but then their version of MSN messenger was outdated so they tried updating it for me.

And that’s when the power went out again only to come back in a few minutes but….you guessed it! The UPS was down and it would take them a long time to get it fixed. I had to call up the people in Bangalore who were waiting for me to get connected and apologized for the delay and said that today wasn’t my lucky day. Now I have to reschedule it for either tomorrow or Monday.

I sat there in their tiny cafe and sipped on what was supposed to be a mango kesar thick smoothie. It tasted like crushed ice & milk with a hint of sugar & frangrance of mango!

I hate my luck!

Wake Up, Don’t Go To Sleep

I know I’ve been posting too many videos here lately. It’s just that I keep thinking of all these songs when I get depressed and I just have to post them.

This one is for all my cousins who can remember this great song. I know Manoj will remember it. It’s from 1988 or 89, I think. It’s Don’t Close Your Eyes by Kix. I think they disbanded a while ago. Still a great anti-suicide song.