Velocity Bar

One of the most hip bars in town is the Velocity Bar & Restaurant. Located near the High Court Junction, just before the turn to Marine Drive, its easily accessible to Cochin’s thirsty dwellers. Since I live just 10 minutes away by road, it’s a place that you’d think I would go to a lot! Not really and you’ll find out soon enough as to why!

The place is great, the ambiance is great, the lighting is moody & dim. They have the place set up a bit like a race track (which explains the name) with alternating bright & dim lights built to the floor.  The wallpapers are brick styled with posters of some movies, classic drinks like Jack Daniels and some other stuff. They serve their customers with drink specific glasses, like the image above is for vodka, gin and cognac. The beer is served in these really long glasses which I think is appropriate and I didn’t miss the classic beer mugs at all.

What I don’t like is the fact that they let their customers smoke in there – last Saturday, I was struggling to breath for a few minutes as there were 5 tables with people smoking nearby. I just hate that. They also have a tv in there that blasts one of the lame-ass Hindi music channels all day long and I think it does not go well with the decoration of the bar.

Next is the food – it’s just too expensive. Everything is priced way too much. The food is good but not worth the Rupees that they are charging. But I must admit, they give a free small packet of mixture.

Overall, a place I would go to once in a while, as long as I don’t plan on eating a meal there as well and if I’m just going for drinks.

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