Torrential Rain In Cochin & India

It’s been raining quite a bit the last couple of days. And not just rain, I mean RAIN!

It rained a whole lot on Monday, almost continous for about 4 to 5 hours, a little let up and just when you think it was going to stop all together, it started up again. I got drenched from head to tow walking from hotel Park Central on Kallor-Kadavanthra road towards the Kallor bus stop.

Yesterday was no better. Raining almost throughout and drenching the citizens of Cochin. But we have not had it  as bad as some other cities in India. In Andhra Pradesh alone 42 people died in 48 hours because of sudden heavy rains. And some other areas of Maharashtra, including Mumbai, have had traffic being affected along some roads and a few deaths.

Knocked Up

I bought the dvd of Knocked Up almost a month ago but even though I was really looking forward to watching it, I always seemed to put it off. It’s been worth the wait however, really funny movie although gross humour and some nudity included. All the better for guys like me who like that kind of fun but it’s not something I would be able to watch with family or with any other ladies present. The Judd Apatow directed movie stars Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl, Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann & Jay Baruchel. If you can actually watch the movie with your family, then I would salute you and envy you. I can’t! There is enough titty scenes and one in which we see the baby coming out through the you-know-which part of a woman’s body to scrare the stoutest family member above 40!

Anyway, Allison Scot (Heigl) is an up & coming career woman in the entertainment industry, working for E!, and gets a promotion. While celebrating with her sister Debbie (Mann) she meets Ben Stone (Rogen) a lazy, dimmwitted and immature 23-year-old Jewish-Canadian and claimed illegal immigrant from British Columbia, living off funds received in compensation for an injury and sporadically working on a Mr. Skin-like website with his roommates in between smoking marijuana with them.

They have a one-night stand and 8 weeks later Allison discovers that she is pregnant. Although he is not prepared for it, Ben decides to support Allison as best as he can and becomes part of her life. The two try to create a relationship and she introduces him to her sister, her two nieces & bro-in-law Pete (Paul Rudd). Once they become a bit close, Ben even promises a ring when he can afford it and proposes to her but she feels that it is too rushed. After a while their differences causes them to fight and Debbie feels that her husband is cheating on her.

It turns out that Pete just wants some time for his hobbies and this causes husband & wife to split up briefly. Pete & Ben go on a trip to Las Vegas and during a magic mushroom induced vision while taking in a Cirque de Soeil show, the two realize that they want a second chance with the girls. So Pete makes up with Debbie, who in truth was missing him, and Ben gets a real job designing websites and moves into an apartment with a baby room. Allison goes into labour when her sister & Pete are away and she calls Ben to help her get to the hospital. They soon are proud parents of a baby girl and decide to settle down together.

Watch the movie for the laughs & the wonderfully acted out roles. And see if you can get a censored version for your parents! 9 outta 10!