Notes For 19th August

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  • I was part of a Yellow Belt training session, my first, and although I am familiar with some concepts, I really hate Excel charts & formluas. Unfortunately, its part and parcel of my industry.
  • The 20 attendees were all served biriyanis on the company’s account just for partaking in the program.
  • Tomorrow is a 24 hour nationwide Harthal, conducted by the political parties to protest against rising prices & unemployment… making it difficult for the ones who are employed to go to work! Brilliant!
  • I guess I will work a bit from home and then sleep the afternoon away and listen to mp3s the rest of the time.
  • The bus I was in while coming home, hit the door of a car and broke its side mirror and front lights. It was just scraping but the damage was done. We had to alight from the bus and catch another one home.

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