Christelle Is Sad For Happy

I’ve been reading Christelle’s blog for well over a year now, almost 18 months I believe. At first she was just one of the blogs that I regularly visited on a bi-weekly basis. She had some cool photos (and still does) that she hosted on her website. If I remember correctly, it was while searching for images of some rock bands (either Moist or The Tea Party) that I stumbled upon her blog.

This is Christelle

Christelle is from Blanc-Sablon, Quebec, Canada. When I started reading her blog, she was living & working in Montreal but would move back to a house in her hometown in a few months. About a year ago Christelle’s blog was the focus for another reason. She had someone new in her life, someone who was still a kid and who would bring joy, not just to Christelle but to all her readers. Someone named Happy who made us happy :D

This is Happy!

Happy is a Labernese – a mix of black labrador retriever & bernese mountain dog – from the Mira Foundation in Quebec. Yes Mira which trains dogs to guide or service handicapped people (someone with visual, auditory or physical handicaps). She is keeping Happy for a year and the dog will have regular evaluations from time to time. If Happy passes the evaluations, the dog goes for training and then onto a new owner who has a disability. Well that time is almost up. Happy has passed all the evaluations and by September 5th or 6th, Christelle has to take Happy back to Mira and onto a new owner.

Check out Christelle’s blog & photos and you will see a devoted owner and a cute & clever puppy. I have followed Happy’s progress through the last year and I am going to miss the naughty puppy. Happy reminds me a lot of Shawny Jr., my sister’s dog who stayed with me for a year. I know how difficult it is to say goodbye to a dog – I have said that to two dogs since 2005! Here’s hoping that both Happy & Christelle will be able to move on and keep the memories.

The pictures are from Christelle’s blog. She has total ownership and I have no claim over them.

Stuck @ Home

And here we are on a Wednesday afternoon sitting at home. Why? Well its because of our beloved political fucking parties conducting a harthal in protest of high unemployment & rising prices. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have a bike or a car that I can use to get me to the office. All public forms of transport are not working today, so no buses, autorickshaws, trains and taxis. Most of the shops are closed and the ones that are open will be in the side roads of the city. This is a nation wide harthal (wow, we rarely get any of those)!

So I am at home, sitting on my chair and browsing the net, looking for some interesting  videos or website and trying to find someone to chat with. I have had a few phone calls on work coming in and I have made a few phone calls in return. I have sent & replied to a couple of emails regarding work. I would have preferred to do it within the office confines since I get more control there. I hate having to do work from home since I don’t think its fair that I can sit at home while some are in the office. Especially on days like today.

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