Dare I Dream?

Things seem to be positive. I can’t believe it might be true. Will I finally make enough money to actually move out and live the way that I want to live? Mind you it’s not that the way I want to live is highly expensive or anything of the sort. But it’s just that my current expenses won’t be met on what I make at the moment. However, if what I was just informed is right, then I can easily live a comfortable, quite & not expensive at all life on my own, in a small place where I plan to keep minimal things. But it will be all mine!

This morning, I did have a bad cold & a severe headache. It hadn’t been raining for a couple of days and the days had started to get quite warm by 9-10 in the morning, even though the nights & early mornings were quite cool. Then today it felt all warm & muggy and it was quite cloudy and then suddenly at 8 am it exploded in a rush of rain – much like an orgasm that had been building for quite some time and then climaxed quite dramatically!! The way I like it :) with a lot of moaning involved! Hahahah :lol:

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Ok gross, I know. But even though I am tired and physically wiped, I can’t help but feel optimistic at the thought of it. Independence. That’s would be a great feeling.