Bike Runs Into A Man

I saw an accident today on my way to the bus stop once I got off work. My friend Kiran from our HR team and I left 5 minutes past 7 from the office and were walking to the bus stop at HMT Junction. It was kinda dark since it was the scheduled load shedding at the time. We had to cross the road and were looking for a gap when I heard the sound of metals scrapping hard against the road and a thud.

We looked back and saw that a bike was lying in the middle of the road. There weren’t many vehicles at the moment, so I dumped my bag on the side of the road and I ran to help the rider, who was slowly trying to get up. That’s when I saw that there was an older man lying unconscious on the road. Obviously, the older man had run in front of the bike while trying to cross the road and the ‘thud’ was the bike ramming into him. There was blood everywhere. I got the bike rider’s glasses from underneat a truck’s wheel and handed it over to him. He seemed stunned & bleeding but he would survive with some bruises & cuts and pain for a few days.

By now, many people were trying to lift the older man up and I feared that he was dead. I looked back and saw that many buses & cars were surrounding us now, so making sure that the older man was about to be put into a car and driven to a hospital, I made my way back to Kiran and we went to the bus stop. I have no idea if that guy is alove or dead.