She Dreams In Color, She Dreams In Red

Probably their strongest album after their debut, Vitalogy gave us some memorable Pearl Jam songs. I still find it hard to decide which is my fav song in the entire cd but this one comes close. Once dedicated to Hillary Clinton (you’ll laugh at the lyrics if you think of her), Better Man is a concert favourite among most fans.

At this live concert (I dunno where it’s performed at) Eddie starts to sing when the crowd takes over. With just him strumming the chords on his guitar, it’s an emotional & magical moment with the whole crowd singing the first verse and the chorus. I guess that’s what most musicians live for. Watch it!

Notes For 3rd Sep

    the family that preys movie

  • Not feeling so good – some dust brought on an asthma attack and I wheezed my way through the better half of the morning. So I called in sick and watched 2 downloaded episodes of Star Trek : Voyager from my bed.
  • Breakfast was dry toast and coffee. I need some coffee now.
  • I also saw parts of Deportivo la Coruna’s 2-1 victory over Real Madrid shown as rerun. I also watched the first 20 minutes of World Trade Center but then sleep beckoned.
  • I started reading Stephen King’s Needful Things yesterday and by now I have just crossed 20 pages. I certainly read at a much slower pace than I used to because of the internet.
  • I also came to know that Bulgarian striker Dimitar Berbatov has finally signed on with Manchester United from Tottenham.
  • And in NHL news the Toronto Maple Leafs trades defender Bryan McCabe and a fourth-round draft pick in 2010 in exchange for 29-year-old defenseman Mike Van Ryn.