Nothing Left But True Love

Back in 1991-92 there weren’t many bands cooler than Ugly Kid Joe. Hailing from that sunny, idyllic California city of Santa Barbera, came a college rock band who didn’t care what people thought of them and they had some really cool tunes to boot. From their 1995 album Menace To Sobriety here’s Cloudy Skies, a song about a highwayman who wants to left alone and just be with the love of his life. The video, strangely features a Southern US (is that Florida or Alabama) setting with lots of red necks.

Step Into My Parlour

Wanna play with a spider? The people at OneMotion have created a flash application which let’s you to play with a spider and you can also feed it insects by just pressing SPACE! The controls let’s you change the size & legs’ size of the creature and it’s speed.

I know you just want to play with a tarantula, so go ahead and do it. Play with the ugly looking bugger! :twisted:

Thanks LadyBanana for the link!

Little Monsters

I’ve never been a big kid lover. By that I don’t mean big kids or that I ‘love’ kids. I’m not that kind of a …..I’ve never been much of a person who likes kids a lot. I can tolerate them but in the last couple of years, I dunno, I just can’t seem to stand most kids. Most kids who can talk! Or cry or moan or giggle or throw a tantrum!

I can spend 20 minutes with my sister’s kids before I get bored and want to do something else. My idea of entertaining them would be to switch the tv on to the cartoon channels and then go to my room. I don’t like parents who think their kids have all the rights in the world to do anything their little hearts desire. Like parents who let their kids run around in restaurants (or trains, hospitals and any other public places). Last night, I was having a quite dinner by myself, when this large family descended upon the hotel just to ruin my evening. There were these 3 kids who yelled, laughed at the top of their voices and ran a few times around the next tables.

One kid was swinging his plastic bag in wild circles and twice they just missed toppling my bottle of water! Please kid, could you improve your aim? And I hate cranky kids.

Not all kids are like that, yes I know. There’s this 4 year old little girl in my building, who must be an angel. She is so poilte and sweet and cute and she’s got a cherubic smile that could have turned Saddam into the epitome of ‘grandfatherhood’ (if that is a word). I always have a smile for her.

Ofcourse, babies normally floor me, just like they would anyone. I like tickling their bellies and all that. I like doing ‘the trumpet’ on little kids who start laughing their little heads off at that. Don’t know what ‘the trumpet’ is? It’s blowing on a kid’s belly.

But I don’t think I would want kids of my own.