The Evening Before Onam

Tomorrow is ‘Onam’ or rather Thiruvonam. I can remember when this festival brought cheer to many people, including me. Onam meant 10-15 days holidays from school / college and lots of good food and playing with your cousins. It meant watching movies together, staying up late listening to the rock songs of the 80s & early 90s and playing many games of cricket or football at my grandma’s place.

Ofcourse now it’s mostly a commercial world’s dream – sales, sales, sales. We’ve resorted to drinking more liquor rather than ‘payasam’. Anyway, my family won’t celebrate Onam mostly – because my grandmother passed away. Hindu familes don’t celebrate Onam if a close relative has passed away in the 12 months preciding the day of Thiruvonam.

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Well, we had some functions at the office. I barely took part in any althought I was judge for one ‘pookalam’ competition and then I handed out prizes for the winners among the new two batches of trainees for that & some other competitions. I stayed at the office till almost 10 pm and then took a cab home with my friend Kiran and two guys from the recruitment team.

I’ll post a photo of a ‘pookalam’ (carpet made of flowers) made by the winning team in a day or two. I forgot to send the photo to my personal id. It was really well done.

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