I Wanna Be A Romulan

If I were to be an alien race in the Star Trek universe, I would want to be a Romulan. Although the Borg scare & fascinate me (especially their origins and what happens to Borg who get separated from the Collective), Romulans are my kind of villains. Hailing from their home planet Romulus they are the dominant race of the Romulan Star Empire, one of the larger empires in the Beta Quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy. They are characterized as passionate, cunning, and opportunistic, and were usually cast as villains or adversaries in the various series. They are also biological cousins of the Vulcans, having been the descendants of a branch of Vulcans who left their home planet and settled on Romulus.

Without their home world’s insistence on curbing & suppressing one’s emotions, the Romulans embraced theirs and are more emotional & violent. They also have their own action figure, quite cool, they have the fantastic looking Romulan Warbird, they drink that much loved galatic beer Romulan Ale and their chicks are hot. Among the famous Romulan ladies were : the Romulan Commander (is it first Romulan female?) Sela (the half Human daughter of Tasha Yar) & Commander Donatra (in Star Trek : Nemesis). Even Deanna Troi got into the act; she was disguised as a Romulan Commander in one episode.

“I Think They’ve Replaced Us Jim”

Spock : Do you hear what the talk is all about in the Science Fiction circles?

Kirk : What’s….that….you….say? Speak up…Spock!

Spock : They’re making a new movie, to be released in 2009.

Kirk : So what? They’ve done that before without the two of us…..it will never be as good as if we were in it. They’ll see and they will have to come back to us!

Spock : But wait. Logic dictates that we are too old to play heroes again.

Kirk : What are you saying, you cold Vulcan? Spit it out man!

Spock : They’ve replaced us Jim. They are going to get two much younger actors to play you and me in the new movie. Our time is done.

Kirk : (silence for a long time) They…will…..fail!

Spock : It’s been good working with you Jim. Live long and prosper!

Kirk : Oh get a life!