Friends Season 6

When Ross & Rachel wake up they have no recollection of their drunken wedding. But their friends fill them in, much to the former couple’s shock. Ross does not want a divorce or an annulment as he feels that with 3 divorces, his love life will be minimal. So he lies to Rachel about the annulment and when she finds out, she is mad at him. Chandler & Monica have put off marriage for the time being but once they get back to New York, Chandler asks Monica if he can move in with her. Monica is ecstatic but Rachel having to move is another thing all together. After a brief fight, Monica & Rachel reminisce over their 6 years together as roommates. Rachel then moves in with Pheobe. Joey meanwhile pretends that he owns a Porche, which is parked outside of Central Perk, to impress the ladies.

Rachel gets embarrassed at the way Pheobe runs but then realizes that its a fun way to do so. Ross confesses as to why his parents don’t like Chandler – when they were in college, Ross got high but he told his parents that the smell was due to Chandler smoking pot. Once the confusion is cleared, the Geller parents start taking to Chandler. Rachel’s youngest sister comes to stay with her but she starts to date Ross, which freaks Rachel out. Ross stops Jill from taking it any further, even as she kisses him.

We also see how it would have been if certain things had happened – what if Rachel had married Barry and what if Ross hadn’t found out that his wife was a lesbian? What if Monica was still fat and Chandler wrote for comic books? What is Pheobe had taken up the high paying corporate job she was offered and what if Joey had become a big star?

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Then Ross starts dating his student Elizabeth but her father does not like him. So Rachel starts talking to the dad (played by Bruce Willis) and they start going out. Joey gets to star in a short-lived cable tv series. Meanwhile, Chandler gets ready to propose marriage but screws it up badly when Richard comes into the picture. In an truly emotional end to the season, Monica accepts Chandler’s proposal and the two get engaged.