Jericho Is Champ

I haven’t been following the WWE that much in the last year or so. It kinda soured on me with the whole Chris Benoit death controvesy thing. So I just watch snippets here & there or try to catch up on pay-per-view results – not on tv – but through Wikipedia. I also try to read up on some of the former wrestlers and what they are upto these days.

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I suddenly remembered today that Unforgiven had taken place on the 7th but I had no idea of the results. I wasn’t sure as to when they would air it here on Ten Sports but since I rarely watch tv anymore, I thought I’d check out the results.

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And I found out that although Chris Jericho lost the grudge match to HBK due to the severity of his injuries, he still shone in the end. Jericho replaced reigning champ CM Punk in the scramble match for the World Heavyweight title (as CM Punk was unable to compete due to an assault) and, with 2 seconds, left on the clock in the limited time contest, pinned Kane and won the belt in an awesome comeback.

I know he is supposed to be a ‘heel’ wrestler now but I can’t stand most idiots that the WWE seems to support and hence I’m cheering on for Jericho. Y2J rocks!

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Laz-E Boy

I had the day off from work today since I had worked on Sunday to fill an emergency requirement. I woke up feeling all dull and lazy and didn’t even feel like getting up to toast bread for breakfast. But two black coffees later, I sat in bed munching on said toast and playing trivia on MIRC. It felt like a windy day, a day which would feel good to just lay back in bed and not do anything more strenuous that watch some dvds. But by 12:30 pm I was getting hungry and I took a shower and left the apartment, along with my copy of Stephen King’s Needful Things.

clockstoppers download I went to Bay Pride Mall and walked into Barista cafe where I had a Swiss Mocha cold coffee with a chocolate muffin (since they had run out of blueberry). I really like this coffeshop and I like their chairs & round small tables and their coffees have improved a lot. They also always seem to have muffins, unlike Cafe Coffee Day.

I sat at a table next to their glass walls and read my book but I was also stealing glances at the eye candy who was sitting on the other end of the cafe. I had earlier admired her butt encased in tight jeans walking in front of me on the way to Barista. The music was cliched rock hits – Bryan Adams, GnR, Pink Floyd – but who’s complaining!

I don’t like crowds while I am trying to relax. Since the cafe is on the back end of the Mall which faces the Marine Drive walkway, a lot of people are walking by. Plus there is a lot of noise & distraction. Also the people in the cafe were loud and the two losers at the table right in front of me were being obnoxious & explicit. There also was a group of 4 – 2 chicks and their bfs – who were also loud. This is not acceptable guys. I left after just being there for 30 minutes.

I went to have lunch – fried rice & chilly pork – and downed a few vodkas. I had missed MGM’s Apple Kiz vodka the last time I was at Oberois, so it felt good to have some today. I bought some chocolate on the way back and watched Star Trek Nemesis while lazing on my bed.

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