Looks Like The Holy Ghost Is Gone

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Not a fan of organized religion? Join us and listen to this beautiful & catchy song, a live & acoustic rendition by Our Lady Peace of their 2005 hit Angels/Losing/Sleep. It’s been debated to be the story of a person who followed something so “religiously” and that person is finding out they were wrong all along and the protagonist is having to watch that person lose their faith in his/her religion.

Going For A 2 Day Workshop

I’m going to be attending a Talent Acquisition and Recruitment workshop for the next two days. The workshop, conducted by my company’s corporate team, will involve attendees from the Kochi & Trichy branches and I think the DGM for Talent Acquisition and Recruitment will be taking us through the modules & sessions.

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As much I normally like attending training sessions such as this, I really feel that I am needed to be with my team at the moment. I have just got my team back after a few leaves and offs and it would have been nice to be with them for a few days before I went off for a workshop. I will have one member of my team with me but I would like everyone to be able to get such an experience as well.

The fact that my own DGM is also in town and will be at the center while I am tied up is also a concern. My team is going to be tied up and therefore they won’t be able to spend time with her, hence she is going to be on her own and I don’t know if that is such a good thing. Anyway, there is nothing that I can do about it, since she didn’t even let me know that she is coming down from Bangalore and I only found out through another source.

download houseboat dvd So its hotel Park Central (Central Park? Central Perk? ‘So no one told you life was going to be this way, tatatata”) for the next two days. I had been there for a Quality workshop on the 11th of August and it’s a pretty good hotel, with good food and is reasonably priced. Most people want to join in the workshop for the free food. Everyone who asked me about the two day session asked me about the food. As for me, I’m hoping that they have some of that good fried cauliflower like last time. That will make my day.