The Voyager Clown

miss march aka playboys dvd For those Star Trek : Voyager fans out there; have you seen the episode The Thaw? It’s about a group of aliens who are in stasis due to their planet undergoing a major ecological disaster. In order to keep their brains active, the aliens connect their brains to a computer. When the Voyager crew enters the program simulation, they find a lively circus type enviornment where the participants are lead to a guilotine and their heads are chopped off. When the alien ‘dies’ in the simulation, in real life he sufferes massive stress that could cause fatal heart attacks.

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The leader of the simulated characters is lead by the ‘clown’ (played by Michael McKean) who is an unintended manifestation of fear. McKean does a wonderful job in the role of the complicated clown (or an alien version of a clown), just like he does of any role given to him.X-Files fans may remember the 2 part episode Dreamland in which his character, Morris Fletcher, switched bodies with Fox Mulder. The mirror scene was also the funniest I can ever remember in the entire series. You would also remember him for his roles in Spinal Tap and guest starring roles in Friends, Smallville and Law & Order.