Rip In The Team

download escape from l a movie barbie as the princess and the pauper download watch home movie online I’m down in the dumps. I don’t think it has gotten this bad in a long time. I know I’ve wanted to quit this job umpteen times. But I have never managed to. There are a few things that have kept me happy here and smiling despite everything else. And that’s in the form of my team. I was part of the team and I was handed over this team when the previous team lead decided that she wanted to get transferred. I took over this team on July 4th and I was made aware of the fact that I would have to move some of them to other departments and stuff.

This did not make it an easy task for me to start of my tenure as the training team lead. Ofcourse many things got in the way and we’ve done well as a team. And I am proud of each and every one of them. I don’t want to give up any of them. They were the best & appropriate selections. Each one has their unique strengths and quirks that the bring into the team. And that makes the team whole & it’s special.

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And upper management gets to rip it all apart. Because of some fucking thing that the rest of us do not understand.

Now I Eat Humble Pie

Back in the early 1990’s Toronto’s Moxy Fruvous was a hit novelty act, having fun songs with perfect harmony and minimal instruments. They had/have a small but ardent fan following and some of their songs are meant to last a long time. One of their hits, and probably their most well known, was King Of Spain, based losely on the old story about a king who wanted to escape his position and so switched places with a poor peasant who looked just like him.

In King Of Spain, Moxy Fruvous sing from the first person’s view point of a King of Spain, who had radical ideas for fun (let’s make Friday part of the weekend and give every new baby chocolate eclairs) & politics (telling my jokes to the OPEC leaders, getting it all on video) and is successful (hey Clinton, hey Yeltsin got problems? you phone me) and his subjects praise (king how r u such a genius; there’s a roof overhead and food on my plate). The king switches places with a peasant and travels to Canada and now works odd jobs in Toronto like working in Pizza Pizza, driving a zamboni and vaccuming the Sky Dome.

This is a live accapella version performed at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal. Enjoy!

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