Magic Is My Business & Business Is Good

There’s an article in today’s Indian Express about the godmen from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnakataka & Maharasthra who are all coming in to learn magic in the town of Nilambur in Kerala.

There are a few centers in Nilambur (Malappuram district) that are catering to teach these fake swamis in saffron how to trick their stoopid followers. The main tricks that are taught are how to produce divine ash from armpits, bringing forth a variety of articles like god’s images, idols and watches from the air (are you listening Sai Baba?). Once these swamis have mastered these magic tricks, they return home with glee, no doubt thinking of the poor idiots whose souls they will be playing with. The return investment for the fees in these coaching classes is returned multiple times; better convincing tricks means more devotees converted.

All these swamis are such fake bastards who exploit the dumbos who already believe in non-exsistent gods and are even more gullible to belive ‘living gods’. Sai Baba has been the prime example. While he dazzles millions of devotees by gifting a titan watch that appears from thin air (lame ass trick fuckface- why don’t u make watches that says Sai Baba in it or the devotee’s name) that homo rapist is busy molesting his male devotees and sodomizing them. So similar in apperance is his colleague swami Premananda – these two jerkoffs hair styles are from the 70s. I keep wondering did these assholes get rejected from the Boney M tryouts. The afros are huge man!