Notes For 29th September

  • I’ve just reached home 30 minutes back (9:54 pm) as I decided to stay back at the office for a couple of hours and finish some work. I’m hungry and thirsty but seriously, not that tired since I got a ride home in a company cab.
  • I am not sure about my promotion hike at all now. After listening to my counterpart in another center (he used to work in the same center as I do) talk about a few things that has been going on, I don’t think that things are looking good for me. And that means, sigh, back to the job hunt once again!
  • It’s the month end, we have various reports that we need to work on and last minute requests from the clients side – and some stupid green belt project manager wants to trouble us and wants us to provide lots of information on a daily basis. So who died and made him king of the fucking world?
  • I will have a 2 day mid-week break on the 1st & 2nd of the October. 1st being Id-ul-Fitar and 2nd being Gandhijayanthi (birth anniversary of Gandhiji) we have the 2 days off. It’s a luxury that I normally do not get. I intend to enjoy it in any way I choose to! And I will!
  • I am so fed up of real dumbos who come in to join the call center. Even if you tell them the schedule of their training and ask them if they have a problem in anything, they won’t say anything then. Once you have sent the list of new joinees and arranged for everything, one or two idiots will invariably come up to you at the end of the day and say that they a) have trouble finding accomodation and would like a few days gap to arrange it b) have not got their luggage, money etc from their hometown so will need a few days to go and come back or c) have some exams which they need to write first and can only then join us for training. How stupid can you be? Don’t join if you can’t start working!

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