Last Day Of The Month

Wanna see all employees in an office happy at the same time? Let the network that you work on go down (we don’t work on stand alone pcs but on a virtual desktop interface) for a few hours! It was all smiles and hi-fives this morning until 12:30 pm.

I’ve been on a drafting spree today, typing up 9 sucess stories delivered by the customer care reps at the office and showcasing them for our clients. I’m happy to say that I was able to easily exceed my target, as the lead for training in our center, and it was so gratifying to send out the mail announcing that at the end of the day.

empire records download My tired soul was so happy to see an almost empty bus heading in my direction at 8:15 today while I was at the bus stop on my way home. But it only last for 3 more stops – after that it was full and noisy.

And now I can relax for two whole days – a mid week break from the rigours of our normal routine. So I can look forward to…..completing some work tomorrow morning from home before I sent off downtown for a little shopping and spend my hard earned but grossly underpaid salary! :)

watch taking 5 online the boxer movie

download jolene movie And after the shopping – Beer, here I come!