I Wanna Be A Romulan

If I were to be an alien race in the Star Trek universe, I would want to be a Romulan. Although the Borg scare & fascinate me (especially their origins and what happens to Borg who get separated from the Collective), Romulans are my kind of villains. Hailing from their home planet Romulus they are the dominant race of the Romulan Star Empire, one of the larger empires in the Beta Quadrant of the Milky Way galaxy. They are characterized as passionate, cunning, and opportunistic, and were usually cast as villains or adversaries in the various series. They are also biological cousins of the Vulcans, having been the descendants of a branch of Vulcans who left their home planet and settled on Romulus.

Without their home world’s insistence on curbing & suppressing one’s emotions, the Romulans embraced theirs and are more emotional & violent. They also have their own action figure, quite cool, they have the fantastic looking Romulan Warbird, they drink that much loved galatic beer Romulan Ale and their chicks are hot. Among the famous Romulan ladies were : the Romulan Commander (is it first Romulan female?) Sela (the half Human daughter of Tasha Yar) & Commander Donatra (in Star Trek : Nemesis). Even Deanna Troi got into the act; she was disguised as a Romulan Commander in one episode.

“I Think They’ve Replaced Us Jim”

Spock : Do you hear what the talk is all about in the Science Fiction circles?

Kirk : What’s….that….you….say? Speak up…Spock!

Spock : They’re making a new movie, to be released in 2009.

Kirk : So what? They’ve done that before without the two of us…..it will never be as good as if we were in it. They’ll see and they will have to come back to us!

Spock : But wait. Logic dictates that we are too old to play heroes again.

Kirk : What are you saying, you cold Vulcan? Spit it out man!

Spock : They’ve replaced us Jim. They are going to get two much younger actors to play you and me in the new movie. Our time is done.

Kirk : (silence for a long time) They…will…..fail!

Spock : It’s been good working with you Jim. Live long and prosper!

Kirk : Oh get a life!

The Evening Before Onam

Tomorrow is ‘Onam’ or rather Thiruvonam. I can remember when this festival brought cheer to many people, including me. Onam meant 10-15 days holidays from school / college and lots of good food and playing with your cousins. It meant watching movies together, staying up late listening to the rock songs of the 80s & early 90s and playing many games of cricket or football at my grandma’s place.

Ofcourse now it’s mostly a commercial world’s dream – sales, sales, sales. We’ve resorted to drinking more liquor rather than ‘payasam’. Anyway, my family won’t celebrate Onam mostly – because my grandmother passed away. Hindu familes don’t celebrate Onam if a close relative has passed away in the 12 months preciding the day of Thiruvonam.

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Well, we had some functions at the office. I barely took part in any althought I was judge for one ‘pookalam’ competition and then I handed out prizes for the winners among the new two batches of trainees for that & some other competitions. I stayed at the office till almost 10 pm and then took a cab home with my friend Kiran and two guys from the recruitment team.

I’ll post a photo of a ‘pookalam’ (carpet made of flowers) made by the winning team in a day or two. I forgot to send the photo to my personal id. It was really well done.

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What is the big deal about honey? I always hear about people ‘finding’ out ways to have honey in their daily lives, in tea, with biscuits, bread, bun or some other stuff.

I was once told to take a teaspoon of honey mixed with crushed garlic for good health. I forget if it was for asthma or something else. I’ve heard that it’s is an excellent substitute for sugar in our drinks and food. It’s also used to treat burns in some countries. It also has different phytochemicals–chemicals found in plants and different foods–that kill viruses, bacteria, and fungus making it a good substitute for wound dressings.

Drinking honey mixed with lime juice is good for sore throats. You can use it as a moisturizing mask for your skin as well as your hair. To use it as a conditioner, mix the honey with olive oil. And it can help to rehydrate your body in case of diarrhea.

It is believed that drinking lemon juice with a little honey the first thing in the morning is an effective anti cellulite treatment as it helps to increase body metabolism. If you like, another very popular recipe associated with honey and weight loss is a drink that uses honey and cinnamon as ingredients. Many people have found this home remedy very effective in losing pounds.

Now that’s why I’m interested. Ok, gotta buy me some honey!

Barbershop Banter

I had gone on Sunday to cut my hair at this place I usually go to, ever since I moved to the city. It was recommended to me by my sister as her husband & two sons get their hair cut there. Plus its walking distance from my apartment (and from her’s as well) and although I had felt that their prices were a little high, they always do a good job.

On Sunday when I went, a guy who had never cut my hair in the last 2 years that I had gone to them was the one available. From his accent, I knew he wasn’t a local Keralite. He had just started cutting my hair when he went towards the tv that was playing in the waiting area. He pleaded to me to wait a couple of minutes and I said “sure”. Turns out that they were interviewing people in Orissa about the latest bout of Communal violence in that Indian state. My barber was from Orissa and they were filming the news clip in his town. He had come down to Cochin for work and had been here for 4 years.

The problems in the area are among the Hindus and the Christians and the claims that Christian missionaries are agressively converting the poor locals into Christianity, with the promise of money & food. Each group have made several attacks on the other’s places or worship or camp. The killings have been many and churches, temples & houses have been burnt & destroyed in several villages in Orissa.

The guy who cut my hair said that the news crew had just interviewed his old teacher and that his mom & sisters were still living in that same village. He is tensed that the violence will reach his family farm and that his mother will be in trouble. They still stay there because they have lots of goats & chickens and some crops in that farm and moving from there would be a big lose financially. He says that he prays everyday that he gets to see his mother again.

We Like To Strike

Anyone outside of Kerala & who has read my blog for the past few months will know that we have been subjugated to many ‘harthals’ or strikes in this beautiful state of ours. Following a close second is the bus strikes that happens from time to time. Now normally a bus strike is a 24 hour thing but today we have been hit by just a 6 hour protest against some issue that only the bus owners can fathom.

So by 6:30 pm I heard that the buses have stopped plying in certain routes, which means that people in offices will have a tough time getting home tonight. Luckily for us we have cabs driving people home at all hours of the day, so I just signed up and along with 2 others I got to leave the office by 7:30 pm and reached home by 8:30 pm. But I wonder how it’s going to be tomorrow.

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Technical Difficulties

Paul Gilbert is a technical whiz at the shred guitar. But he isn’t one dimensional like some others. He was part of a very successful super group in Mr.Big, toured the world with them, but he was also part of Racer X & ofcourse his solo stuff. Take a look at Paul playing a Racer X song Technical Difficulties @ his home and watch how effortlessly his long finger work the strings. The movement reminds me of a spider’s legs!

King Of Harts

I was sitting in front of the tv, eating a lite dinner and flicking through the channels when I stopped at TenSports. They were showing classic wresting matches and today they were showing a match between my favourite wrestler of all time, Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart and, his younger brother, the late Owen Hart. As wrestling fans will know, Owen met with a tragic death 9 years ago in Kansas City, falling from the ceiling in an entrance stunt that went wrong. But his memory lives on in the hearts of his family, friends & wrestling fans all over the world.

The match in particular was one in a steel cage at SummerSlam 1994 for the world heavyweight title, held by the older Hart. The two brothers went at it in front of their parents, brothers, sisters & brother-in-law Davy ‘British Bulldog’ Smith. It was a truly great match and finally, with both brothers hanging on the outside of the cage, Bret banged Owen’s head against the steel and jumped to the ground, the victor. The Anvil then attached Smith and together with Owen, pushed Bret back into the cage and beat him up after locking the door. The other Hart brothers tried to interfere and finally were able to chase the Anvil & Owen.

It was a great match between great wrestlers. Brought back memories of a fine person and a great wrestler. Still missing you, Owen!

Sens Sign Isbister

The Ottawa Senators announced that they had signed forward Brad Isbister on a 1 year contract. The 10-year National Hockey League veteran spent the 2007-08 campaign playing for the Vancouver Canucks, where he recorded six goals and five assists in 55 games. He also added 38 penalty minutes. The 31-year-old Edmonton native was the third-round choice (67th overall) of the Winnipeg Jets in the 1995 National Hockey League Entry Draft. He made his NHL debut in 1997-98 with Phoenix, playing in 66 games with the Coyotes in his rookie season. He has also played with the New York Rangers, The Edmonton Oilers, The Boston Bruins, The New York Islanders & the Vancouver Canucks. Brad has won a gold medal, playing on the Canadian team that won the World Junior Championships in 1997.

Torrential Rainfall in Cochin City

Rain, rain & more rain. It started 2 days ago, with the day being very cloudy and warm and by night it just started pouring like crazy. It had rained day before yesterday night too but that was nothing compared to last night. There was thunder & lightning for a few hours yesterday morning & night well. After I reached home yesterday, it started to pour and must have gone all night. The morning was ok but I new it was gonna pour. By 12:15 pm I was in Cafe Coffee Day with a novel and having a brownie along with my choco frapper when I looked to my side and saw the sky was so dark with clouds pregnant with rain.

The floodgates opened and it started to shower quite a lot. I sat in the coffeeshop for a long time sipping my coffee and reading and wanting to avoid going out. When it slowed down to a steady trickle, I got into an auto and went to the barber shop. Man the roads were filled with ankle high water. I had to walk in that water to get to the shop from the main road – just a few hundred meters since the auto wouldn’t go on that lane – and my shoes filled up with water and my socks….well, let’s just leave it at that.

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I had a hair cut and then waded through the rain water and walked to the bar to get some food and a few drinks. I had vodka (Sharktooth since they didn’t have any MGM) and sprite and an American chopsuey. The food was delicious, more tastier than usual, with more veggies as well. I love boiled carrots!

Casino Royale

I’m 2 years late in watching this movie (which is only important for a big budget production) but I’ll give you my 2 cents worth of comments on the film:

  • I was one of the huge skeptics who lambasted the choice of Daniel Craig as being a dumb choice – I was wrong! I think he did a great job
  • Casino Royale did extremely well in the box office; grossing $593 million worldwide, it became the highest grossing James Bond film. But it isn’t Golden Eye and it isn’t that good.
  • Even with my new found admiration for Craig, Peirce Brosnan will always be my fav bond. Not Moore, not Dalton & not Connery.
  • The running chase scene towards the beginning of the movie, is probably the best that I have ever seen.
  • There are two very hot Bond girls but Caterina Murino is a fox!
  • However I don’t think that Craig will be as successful in other ventures like Brosnan or Connery did.
  • I think I would rank it among the top 5 Bond Films so far!

Nothing Left But True Love

Back in 1991-92 there weren’t many bands cooler than Ugly Kid Joe. Hailing from that sunny, idyllic California city of Santa Barbera, came a college rock band who didn’t care what people thought of them and they had some really cool tunes to boot. From their 1995 album Menace To Sobriety here’s Cloudy Skies, a song about a highwayman who wants to left alone and just be with the love of his life. The video, strangely features a Southern US (is that Florida or Alabama) setting with lots of red necks.

Step Into My Parlour

Wanna play with a spider? The people at OneMotion have created a flash application which let’s you to play with a spider and you can also feed it insects by just pressing SPACE! The controls let’s you change the size & legs’ size of the creature and it’s speed.

I know you just want to play with a tarantula, so go ahead and do it. Play with the ugly looking bugger! :twisted:

Thanks LadyBanana for the link!