Jazz Après 1 Mois

Jazz après 1 mois, originally uploaded by Leeloo_.

You’ve just got to love dogs & puppies in particular. I’m always gonna miss having a dog around, unless I go and get one. Since where I live they don’t allow dogs in apartments (and besides the place is too small anyways), I’ll have to wait until I can afford a new place; preferably a house.

In the meantime, I’ll just have to envy this couple who are proud ‘parents’ to Jazz, a Bernese Mountain dog. Isn’t she just adorable?

Arsenal Lose To Lowly Stoke City

It’s a terrible result to lose to lowly Stoke City 1-2 even if it’s on their home grounds. It’s taken me two days to get over this miserable loss. At the Brittania Stadium, the Gunners seemed to lack that sharpness in their attack, despite dominating possession. I come back to the point I stated earlier in the season where I insisted that we need more big name players if we want to win silver. Arsenal also had Robin van Persie sent off for barging into the opposing goalie Thomas Sorensen. It was a case of bad to worse for Arsenal after the dramatic 4-4 draw with Tottenham in midweek, coupled with injuries to Emmanuel Adebayor and Theo Walcott, made it a grim day indeed for Arsene Wenger. Clichy made it 2-1 in the closing seconds with a twice-deflected shot – but it was not enough and a bad day got worse as Adebayor and Walcott left the pitch in considerable pain, the latter with his left arm in a sling.

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Relaxing To Recover From The Relaxation

Not a good way to spend Sunday. I went out to have some coffee and a muffin at Cafe Coffee Day and relaxed as I sipped the delicious cold mocha and listened to songs on my iPod. I was also reading a Anne Rice novel – The Blackwood Farm. Noisy patrons at the other end were bothering me but the music helped. Meanwhile, the cafe is playing mediocre covers of rock classics by some dumb band. However, I was feeling ok till then.

I went cd shopping and got a copy of Batman Begins and Def Leppards latest before heading for some drinks along with lunch. I had some Shark Tooth vodka (at the astounding price of Rs.85 per drink) and a plate of dry chilli gobi (cauliflower) and a plate of fried rice. I couldn’t eat the rice and felt a bit sick. I was supposed to go the hospital to visit a relative much later in the evening but I though that I would have to jump into the bed next to them. Anyway, I came back home and curled up in bed to watch Angel happy birthday to me online download cyclops download episodes. By late evening, I was running a temperature and it was only with the help of strong black coffee and crocin that I am able to get better enough to sit up and type this.

unstable fables 3 pigs a baby movie download I slept quite a bit and woke up feeling a bit better but tired. Guess I won’t be able to visit my relative today. I needed to arrange some things at the office and can relax now since it is taken care off. I watched a couple of downloaded episodes of Star Trek Voyager while covered up in bed. The day is atleast peaceful and I can rest a bit.

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