Not All About Me

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Matt Dusk might be familiar to fans of Reality TV – the crooner was a regular on Mark Burnett’s The Casino, which one of the few watchable reality series on television. In the show, Matt was approached by the two dot-com millionaires, who own & manage the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino located in downtown Las Vegas, to be their in-house entertainer. From there he got the break needed to release his albums which has brought him attention and fame. Check out All About Me download go tell the spartans movie download the dark half dvd slaughter movie – who wouldn’t want to live in an apartment like the one shown in the video?

My Life In Calicut

It’s normally on Sundays, doing mostly nothing at home, that my mind often wanders to the past. Sometimes a particular song or even a phrase in a song can trigger a memory of a different time and images come rushing back, reminding you of what you did or what you saw. As I sat listening to music today, I started thinking about some of my tough times while living in Calicut.

You see I had joined this company called Aysha Infotech, based on the recommendation of my mom’s brother who had a friend working there. They company was setting up a call center in Calicut and I went for the interview, aced it and got selected to join up in the next 6 days. They had a client in the US who wanted us to do tele-marketing & collect leads for their electronic security systems. It seemed wonderful and all of us who joined were quite eager for work to start.

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Only thing is, a 3 month training program, which included a month spent accent training under an African-American former army soldier, went to over 8 months. We all also had to pay Rs.25k to undergo their training. We were supposed to get paid from the 4th month onwards. On a side note, the American trainer, Coretta, was also the first person to teach me that Black people can be racist too! She has time & again made quite a few derogatory remarks about Indians and Indian women in particular. Oh well, c’est la vie!

Anyway, we didn’t get paid from the 4th month onwards. The company made quite a few bad choices and went bankcrupt even before they could get the show on the road. Banks rejected their high business loan proposals and would offer much smaller amounts. 7 months after joining, the employees (including me) protested outside and they finally agreed to pay us a month’s salary and then another half. That was the extent of my pay there. They had us doing research & trial runs in a dusty, open floor with noisy building construction happening right next to us. It was a miracle that none of us died to inhaling broken brick granuels!

I made a ton of friends, some who I will always hold dear to my heart, and we had a lot of fun. But we were broke. For a couple of months I lived on Rs.32 a day – three budget meals, two cups of tea / coffee (one was free, courtsey of the company) and to & fro bus fare. Imagine breakfast at Rs.4, lunch at Rs.10 & dinner Rs.12. Remember, this was 2002 and I can’t imagine getting breakfast for anything less than Rs. 15 now! We spent a lot of time at the beach and somehow or the other, we always managed to spare Rs.50 every Thursday to pool together and buy a couple of bottles of rum! Good times – imagine 14 guys in a lodging room, drinking & singing at the top of their lungs.

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download the dark half online After 8 months there, we knew that it was as good as done & dusted. The 4th or 5th bank that they had approached had rejected their loan application and we employees wanted out. We demanded some payment back and I got a check for about Rs.8000, which I encashed immediately. Some others weren’t so lucky; most of them bounced. I said my finaly goodbyes to my friends there, settled my room rent to the very understanding owner of the lodge (who was a friend of a friend and who lowered the rates for us and didn’t kick us out onto the streets despite being 3 months behind on rent)  and boarded a bus back home with two of my bags. I left the 3rd much bigger bag at my uncle’s and went to get it back 2 months later.

Within 2 weeks of me coming back home, I got laid up for a week with a high fever and no sooner was I back on my feet when I got the job at Aspin Wall. The dirt on that place is a blog post for another day but suffice to say, I think I was lucky that it wasn’t too bad for me at all.

Although a couple of us came this close (imagine your thumb & forefinger a couple of inches apart) to running away to Goa and working at the beach! :) That would have been an experience.

ROSHAN'S ELEVEN : Julianne Moore Movies

  • Nine Months
  • The Hours
  • The Forgotten
  • Hannibal
  • Evolution
  • Next
  • Assassins
  • The Lost World : Jurassic Park
  • The End Of The Affair
  • Far From Heaven
  • Laws Of Attraction

I’ve been extremely partial to Julianne Moore, watching her movies again and again when they show it on HBO or StarMovies, just for her. I can’t wait to watch Blindness

, which is sure to bring her more accolades.

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