Goodbye Michael Crichton

The literary world will mourn the death of one of it’smost talented stars as cancer took Michael Crichton away. Author, film producer, film director, medical doctor, and television producer best known for his science fiction and techno-thriller novels, films, and television programs. His books have sold over 150 million copies worldwide.

He was the author of The Andromeda Strain, Congo, Disclosure, Timeline, State of Fear, Eaters of The Dead, Prey, Sphere and Next. He was also the creator of ER, but he will remembered most for being the author of Jurassic Park, and its sequel The Lost World. Most of his work has been made into movies starring some of the world’s top celebrities like Demi Moore, Julianne Moore, Jeff Goldbloom, Antonio Banderas, Sharon Stone & Dustin Hoffmann. We will miss you.

If You Want To Buy Me Flowers

From 1992-93 Two Princes

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girl happy online too saved online , by the Spin Doctors, one of the biggest hits of the 90s. Too bad the band almost disappeared from the radar. They are a fun bunch of musicians to listen to. Too bad we don’t have more of these kind of songs.

Ode To A Woman’s Posterior

Ok, I might be headed for troubled waters over here by posting this particular post. Most of my readers are women (ah the attention) and I don’t want to offend them or repel them. It’s all in good, harmless but slightly sexist fun.

I make no claims against it – I like big butts and I cannot lie. The swing of a large (not grossly) butt makes me all hot & bothered. Encase them in somewhat tight pants and you’ll have to pry my eyes away from them with a crowbar. Handfuls of grabfulls is desired in a woman. I would hate it if the woman had no butt to speak off.

I have just met this woman who is at a high position in my company. She has just joined and is taking up a post in another city and was visiting our center here for a few days. Tomorrow I get to spend some time with her, as she will need to get an overview of the training functions. I’m so happy, cause she has an amazing, rounded and big butt. In her black pants, I can’t stop to admire them and her as she ambles on by. Admire her humps and her lovely lady lumps!! A couple of songs about big rear ends come to my mind like : It’s wonderful, can I get a little more, Cause it’s about as wide as my big old garage door or My baby’s she’s got a Butterball!

Cause some men like me, can’t eat the chicken without the gravy!! lol :D

Notes For 6th Nov

  • Going to try and watch Batman Begins tonight; I’ve left it for so long to watch this movie and it’s now or never. I got a copy of the movie last Sunday.
  • It’s so hot these evenings. It hasn’t rained as much in November as we had hoped and as result the heat is just up & up.
  • Some good news; my buddy Anil is headed back to Cochin as he has enough of his job in Delhi. He has interviewed with a company in Cochin and it seems that he could move back before the year ends. That means the trio will be reunited once again. Madhu & I can’t wait.
  • My legs hurt from last evening’s long walk. I was planning on doing the same thing today as well but I changed my mind at the last moment since I was tired. Tomorrow, I’m going to walk for 45 mins at around 8 pm.
  • I finally went to Vimal studio and got the two pants that I had ordered to be tailored over there. It has taken me 2 months to get it. The first time when I went to try them on, I wanted it to be shirtened a bit more and the next timem they had mixed up my order and asked me to come back in 4 days time, with an apology. After that either when I go there, it would be past their working hours or I forget. No longer; I just paid for them and they are so comfortable.

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Obama's Yo Mama

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On January 20th, 2009 Barack Hussain Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States Of America, after winning the 2008 Presidential election. He will be the first African-American President of the US. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., a Luo from Nyang’oma Kogelo, Nyanza Province, Kenya, and Ann Dunham, a white American from Wichita, Kansas, Obama was raised mostly by his mother after his parents divorced in 1964. He is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, he became the first African American to serve as president of the Harvard Law Review.

beyond the sea movie Based on all the hype, reaction & opinions, I doubt if there was a preisdent more destined to take up the reins in recent memory. He will have a lot of will have a lot of living up to do and the whole world will be watching. He has the enviable task of taking charge while the US is in the middle of a finiancial recession and they expect him to solve the problems. One thing in his favour – he has to be better than Dubya! No efforts necessary there :)

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Friends Season 7

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So when we left the 6 of them, Chandler & Monica proposed to each other and they get engaged. In the midst of the celebration Rachel feels lonley and almost sleeps with Ross, much to Monica’s chagrin. Next Joey finds Rachel’s erotic novel and makes fun of her, until she retorts back and he gets scared. Rachel gets to pick an assistant and choses the handsome Tag Jones, who she soon will have an affair with. Mac & CHEESE is cancelled and after searching for a role, Joey is offered the role of Stryker Ramorray.

In a hilarious situation Joey & Ross take a nap together and find that they both enjot it, while Rachel & Pheobe compete to be the maid of honour. Ross finds out that people are making out in the library where his book is lying on the shelf. He posts himself as a guard but he himself ends up making out with an admirer. The other 5 are surprised to find out that Chandler does not like dogs or puppies. Monica makes candy for the neighbours in an effort to get to know them better but it all goes haywire until Chandler intervenes. Ross wants to introduce Ben to Hannukah and it almost fails, but with a little help he manages to do so.

Rachel & Chandler get hooked on cheesecake meant for someone else, while Pheobe is haunted by her firealarm that seems to have a mind of its own. Rachel and Chandler both think they’ve broken Rosita, Joey’s favorite chair and Rachel ends up buying a new hi-tech chair. Monica and Ross go to their parents house which they are selling. Phoebe takes a telemarketing job. As the others try to cheer up Rachel on turning 30, she realizes that her relationship with Tag won’t go much further and they end it mutually as friends. Susan Sarandon guest stars in an episode in which her character’s brain is being transplanted into Drake Ramoray and the role is going to Joey. Monica fights for her ideal wedding dress with another lady but later gives it up. Joey is nominated for an award but loses…and not graciously.

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Rachel reveales that she kissed her friend Melissa and Pheobe does not believe it until Melissa shows that she is in love with Rachel. After writing their own vows, Monica makes Chandler to go with her to Vegas and invite his transvestite dad. Chandler then gets cold feet and takes off but Ross finds him and they come back to the hall. Pheobe & Rachel find a pregnancy test kit and it seems that Monica is pregnant. Chandler hears this and calms down and steps up to get married. Joey finally reaches in time to marry off Chandler & Monica but it turns out that it’s actually Rachel who is pregnant.

The Grand Old Lady

teen wolf too download My mom had gone to visit her aunt today, along with a few others. This aunt of hers is my maternal grandmother’s elder sister. Some of your readers may remember my post about my ammumma

who passed away a few months ago. Well, velliyammumma (big grandma) is 98 years old and still alive & kicking!

Well, her health is not too good, she’s had a couple of falls that took the wind outta her sails. She can’t move about much and her memory has seen better days. It’s kinda bad they tell me, today she asked one of her daughters “who are you?” But I guess that’s to be expected when you almost hit the centennial year milestone.

right at your door online download 2 years short of being a 100! Wow, I mean wow. And she’s a jolly little lady too. She’s always had a wicked sense of humour and likes it when people visit her. Especially from when her health became so bad that she couldn’t move around much. Also one thing about her was that up till a few years ago, velliyammumma used to drink and smoke!!

Well not really! She used to ask for a cigarette and take a few sips of drinks from her sons & nephews when they come over for visits and play cards with them. It was the source of amusement for many in our family to see the sight of this elderly woman having a drink and smoking and playing cards. Ofcourse you have to know what a big taboo that is for India and for Hindus and for Keralites in particular. But I’m sure velliyammumma was giving ‘taboos’ the middle finger – in her own way ofcourse!

Now she doesn’t recognize people and if you tell her your name she remembers for a while but soon forgets. She also doesn’t know about my grandma’s demise. They decided not to tell her because of the fact that she will soon forget and then keep asking about her. Infact a few days after my grandmum’s death, her two younger sisters went to see velliyammumma and she kept asking to meet my grandma. That’s the saddest part. But I hope she hangs on and hits the 100 mark. That would be something everyone related to her will be celebrating.

ROSHAN'S ELEVEN : Jody Foster Movies

  • Contact
  • Taxi Driver
  • Panic Room
  • Silence Of The Lambs
  • Little Man Tate
  • The Accused
  • Sommersby
  • Flightplan
  • Nell
  • Inside Man
  • Stealing Home

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Jazz Après 1 Mois

Jazz après 1 mois, originally uploaded by Leeloo_.

You’ve just got to love dogs & puppies in particular. I’m always gonna miss having a dog around, unless I go and get one. Since where I live they don’t allow dogs in apartments (and besides the place is too small anyways), I’ll have to wait until I can afford a new place; preferably a house.

In the meantime, I’ll just have to envy this couple who are proud ‘parents’ to Jazz, a Bernese Mountain dog. Isn’t she just adorable?

Arsenal Lose To Lowly Stoke City

It’s a terrible result to lose to lowly Stoke City 1-2 even if it’s on their home grounds. It’s taken me two days to get over this miserable loss. At the Brittania Stadium, the Gunners seemed to lack that sharpness in their attack, despite dominating possession. I come back to the point I stated earlier in the season where I insisted that we need more big name players if we want to win silver. Arsenal also had Robin van Persie sent off for barging into the opposing goalie Thomas Sorensen. It was a case of bad to worse for Arsenal after the dramatic 4-4 draw with Tottenham in midweek, coupled with injuries to Emmanuel Adebayor and Theo Walcott, made it a grim day indeed for Arsene Wenger. Clichy made it 2-1 in the closing seconds with a twice-deflected shot – but it was not enough and a bad day got worse as Adebayor and Walcott left the pitch in considerable pain, the latter with his left arm in a sling.

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Relaxing To Recover From The Relaxation

Not a good way to spend Sunday. I went out to have some coffee and a muffin at Cafe Coffee Day and relaxed as I sipped the delicious cold mocha and listened to songs on my iPod. I was also reading a Anne Rice novel – The Blackwood Farm. Noisy patrons at the other end were bothering me but the music helped. Meanwhile, the cafe is playing mediocre covers of rock classics by some dumb band. However, I was feeling ok till then.

I went cd shopping and got a copy of Batman Begins and Def Leppards latest before heading for some drinks along with lunch. I had some Shark Tooth vodka (at the astounding price of Rs.85 per drink) and a plate of dry chilli gobi (cauliflower) and a plate of fried rice. I couldn’t eat the rice and felt a bit sick. I was supposed to go the hospital to visit a relative much later in the evening but I though that I would have to jump into the bed next to them. Anyway, I came back home and curled up in bed to watch Angel happy birthday to me online download cyclops download episodes. By late evening, I was running a temperature and it was only with the help of strong black coffee and crocin that I am able to get better enough to sit up and type this.

unstable fables 3 pigs a baby movie download I slept quite a bit and woke up feeling a bit better but tired. Guess I won’t be able to visit my relative today. I needed to arrange some things at the office and can relax now since it is taken care off. I watched a couple of downloaded episodes of Star Trek Voyager while covered up in bed. The day is atleast peaceful and I can rest a bit.

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Cause You Were Born Into This Evil World

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Man does this bring back memories of my younger years, early to mid-teens especially. This is one of the most loved songs from the late 1980s and in my family, most of my cousins loved it as well. I can remember playing this song in our ancestral home at nights, with all the lights off, and either everyone would be all quite or everyone would sing along. An absolutely beautiful song that never fails to pull at your heart strings.

I also found this – a video of this Turkish chick, who plays guitar & sings beautifully, on Youtube. Please check out her videos and appreciate a great talent. I can’t find her name in the page but man does she perform well.

Nokia 2600 Classic

It’s Nokia’s ability to to churn out cheap, good looking and reliable handsets in huge quantities, that separates Nokia from it’s rivals and props the Finish vendor to the top. The Nokia 2600 was branded as a budget phone and when you consider it’s price of Rs.3100, it certainly seems like it. watch australia online

However that assumption can be unfair. The 3G handset comes in a slim form factor while offering Bluetooth, FM Radio, VGA camera, color display and a MP3 player.

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The phone comes with Prepaid tracker an application which allows consumers to see exactly how much their calls cost, which reduces the fear of unexpectedly running out of credit (but this feature is ready made with all GSM service providers in India, so that can’t be a plus point).

The 2600 works on dual band and will come in two variants for the American and Asian markets respectively. It measures 109,6 x 46,7 x 12 and weighs 63 grams. At unsubsidized price of 65 Euro, Nokia 2600 classic comes equipped with such features as FM radio, VGA camera, MP3 ringtones, GPRS/ (limited) EDGE connectivity, E-mail and MMS support, Bluetooth and exchangeable Xpress-on covers.

Other specs for Nokia 2600 classic include Dual band EGSM 900/1800 and GSM850/1900 connectivity, 128×160 px 65K color TFT display, battery with more then 24 day of stand-by and 6 hrs of talk time.

And this is now my new handset!

Moron Whistling; Phone Purchase

What a boring day it has been and what a hot evening we are facing this Saturday night. Work has been dull, the day in general has been dull and hot. Hot enough to make me wanna jump into the nearest swimming pool. Buck naked as the day that I was born.

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I hate it when some people take advantage of the fact that our center head/DGM is off on Saturdays and play their stupid Hindi & Tamil film music loud enough to disturb the rest of us. Today afternoon I was trying to concentrate on some files when that idiot in recruitment starts playing all dumb songs! And what’s more that imbecile whistles the tunes loudly himself! Moron!

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jungle 2 jungle online download Evening rolled by and I waited for my friend Kiran to complete her activities and we left for the bus stop. We got in a bus and I left for Madhav Pharmacy Junction (which is the stop right next to mine) and went to the Nokia Priority store in Kurian’s Bldg. I bought a phone, the Nokia 2600 at Rs.3k and had a burger and a shake at the fast food place right next to it. I can’t believe that I survived all these days without a phone in my line of work. But I did.

Late Afternoon Lunch With The Gang

watch the reader online Its been too long since my team went out for lunch or for anything. We’ve been extremely busy what with all the work piling up on us for the past two months and we needed some fun & a chance to blow off some steam. As part one of this need, we decided to go out for lunch in a slightly expensive place, courtesy of the bugdet handed over to our department and emjoy ourselves for a couple of hours. It was decided to do it on Friday rather than Saturday, since one of the trainers in my team would be heavily occupied today.

We wanted a suitable place for our lunch and although the one near us has delicious food, their service is terrible and we kind of got feed up of it. So we started looking for an alternative. Hotel Periyar in Aluva was suggested – it’s big, roomy and it has a wonderful view of the adjacent Periyar river and the Aluva bridge. So hotel picked out, it was now just a matter of informing the team, arranging transport and adjusting our work so we could be free for a few hours.

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It took us a long time to arrange a cab. Hungry faces stared at me from 1 pm till about 2:40 pm when we got into the cab and headed on the way to the hotel. 5 of us went by cab and waited for almost 40 minutes until the remaining guys reached. While we waited for them we ordered cream of chicken soup, which was different but hot & tasty. By the way, just what on earth is cream of chicken soup? Where is he cream from? Er, never mind. The others reached and while they had their soup, a couple of us went to enjoy the view on the balcony that overlooks the river. Beautiful!

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Ok, now it was past 4 and we were waiting for the food to come. People ordered biriyani, chicken fried rice, beef fry, chicken szechuan, 3 big karimeen fish fry, porotta, chappathy, prawns (curried & fried), chicken 65, mutton curry and American chopsuey. I had a chopsuey, fish fry and sampled the chicken 65 & prawns. We talked, joked and laughed, and along the way, polished food enough to feed a small army. By the end of it, stomachs were full and satisfied. By the time we finished our ice creams and paid the bill, it was 5.30 pm! The hall that we were in was big and roomy enough to accomadate lots of people, while leaving enough gaps among the tables to ensure that you do have lots of space & privacy to talk.

The Hotel Periyar is an old building surrounded by the river, large parking areas and a garden/lawn area where you can sit during the evenings and relax and there’s even swings & a play area for kids. It’s too far from where I live to go with family or friends for lunch/dinner but I think it’s fine for people in Kalamasserry & Aluva. And it is expensive!

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