Party Animal? Not This Year Dude!

I’m back at home now. Back in the apartment. The issue that I mentioned in the previous post – seems like that will be taken care off but I am not in a great mood. I had  few talks on it and I am convinced that I & the team can handle it. But that bitter taste will just not leave and it has effectively ruined my mood for celebrating the new year’s.

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I preferred to be alone. After the working day was done (I was quite relaxed during the afternoon hours) and I had my year end meeting with my team (minus 2 who couldn’t attend today), I was ready to leave. I left and took a bus and walked to the bar. I had some vodka in quick succession and had a fried quill (kada fry in the local lingo). I must say that it’s quite delicious but the portion is too small. Well that’s because the damn bird is too small. But what a delicious bird.

I was there for just 45 minutes or so, then I went to a small hotel and asked them for dinner to go. I’m having fried rice & chilly beef. I also bought some chocolate to eat at exactly 12:00 am (couldn’t get any tasty cake at this late a time) and took an auto back home. Drinking vodka that quickly went to my head and made me feel drunk very quickly but it lasted for just about 30 minutes. I came home and plonked on the sofa, had some chocolate and watched tv for a bit. It was only 9:15 pm! Some party animal I am!

But I had wanted it this way since I wasn’t in any mood to party with my cousins or my friends and made up some excuse not to be anywhere but home alone. And it’s fine – home by myself, with some music playing and some food. It could be much worse. So I’m going to eat my dinner now as it’s 10:15 pm and I’m feeling hungry again.

Disappointing End To 2008

So it’s the last day of the year 2008. It’s been a bumpy ride. I’m rather disappointed that the year is ending on an extremely sour note for me due to what happened last evening at the office. A few of my team members have let me down in doing something that is not considered ethical. Ofcourse, it’s being done by many in the system but these 3 guys got caught.

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It’s not like the company has all these George Washingtons & Satya Harish Chandrans in the fold. Manipulations & covering up happens all the time, perhaps less in my department rather than others. But the finger pointing will happen ofcourse. They need to face the music and as their lead I’ll walk out in front. I’ll ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

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Adjust Your Guitar Strap

What an entertainer! Anthony Gomes, while playing Rock Me Baby somewhere in Florida, loses the screw that holds the strap on his Fender Strat guitar. But he doesn’t miss a beat, holds his guitar close to his chest and still plays his solo. Then he involves the crowd in while the roadies fix his strap back for him. Great performance, great improvisation!

Rebooting The Lizard Visitors

All of you kids out there who were growing up in the 1980’s would probably remember the sci-fic series V. Well if you don’t, then you probably did not watch much tv except for those cartoons. I remember watching V with several other kids in the building – at the ages of 8,9,10, V was considered to be a bit scary and there was strength in numbers.

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Although we now laugh at the special effects and the make up, I still think that it was a great show. I’ve been trying to see if I could either dowload the series from the net or buy the dvd collection somewhere here (best of luck Roshan, the selection in Cochin stinks).There’s the two mini-series and the tv series.

And then I just read that the has been plans to remake the entire series. Not a continuation or an adaptation of the novel V: The Second Generation, an alternative sequel to the first mini-series. A rebooting! Not another one. Why do they want to reboot all the science fiction series.

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Oh and it’s also Jane Badler’s (pictured above, she played the lead  villainess Diana) birthday tomorrow. So happy birthday Diana!

I’m On Fire….Two Awards In The Same Month

This is so nice of Lady Banana. She has given me the “Your Blog Is Fabulous” award, one which Technodoll also gave me on the 17th of this month! The same award given to me twice in such a short span of time! I feel like Tom Hanks with those two Oscars won in quick succession :P

But it’s so nice of LB to give me the award. As part of this award I must now list 5 addictions and then pass onto 5 more fabulous blogs!

OK, the addictions:

  • Coffee
  • Lays
  • the internet
  • Rock n’ Roll
  • the babes ;)

Now the 5 blogs I am passing this onto:

Those Cuddly Blood Suckers


Damn these mosquitoes! It seems that the population of these blood suckers have tripled in my area in the last couple of weeks. It’s almost unbearable to sit inside if there fan isn’t on full blast – the bloody vampires will come and feast on your veins take their fill in no time.

It’s hard to sit in the toilet! You can’t move much while the mosquitoes buzz around your face, landing inside your nose or inside your ears and irritating the hell outta your nerves. Don’t you just love mosquitoes!!

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The Most Coolest CPU In The World

A Canadian techie had created the Bubbacomp, a miniature PC enclosure modeled using that eternal symbol of beer-swilling tackiness, the 5-liter kegger. On tap is an EPIA M9000 motherboard, 256 MB of RAM, a 10-GB laptop hard drive and “5 percent of Molson Canadian Goodness.” Read about the making of it here. I want one!

Arsenal 1 Portsmouth 0

barbie mariposa and her butterfly fairy friends dvd bachelor party 2 the last temptation movie It was a dull drab match (for the most part anyway) but Arsenal just about managed to get the job done by beating Portsmouth 1-0. Former captain William Gallas scored a second-half header to earn Arsenal the victory.  THe Gunners’ best first half opening fell to Emmanuel Adebayor but Sylvain Distin’s excellent tackle prevented a certain goal.

After the break, Adebayor and Samir Nasri missed chances before Gallas got in front of David James to nod home the winner from Denilson’s cross. The result lifts Arsenal to fourth place in the table, above Aston Villa, by virtue of having scored one more goal than Martin O’Neill’s side, who next play on Tuesday. And while we are on this match, the papers reported the rumour that Portsmouth midfielder Niko Kranjcar is a traget for the Gunners in January.

Notes For 28th Dec

  • A little shortage of cash (dunno where I spent it this month) means I’m staying in this Sunday and not going out.
  • It was a beautiful day today; clear sky, the sun was out but it wasn’t too hot and there was a gorgeous breeze.
  • I’m also reading another John Grisham book (for the 3rd time) – The Firm. Remember that movie with Tom Hanks Cruise & Gene Hackman?
  • On a side note – have Dustin Hoffmann & Robert DeNiro acted together in too many movies?
  • I got a request from a student, asking me to participate in a Vodka survey (that’s the best kind) and answer a few questions via email. I just completed it.
  • Watched a few episodes of Friends in the afternoon and kept thirsting for a beer, cause Joey & Ross were drinking them!
  • I want to take the next 4 days off as I am burnt out….but I can’t!
  • I’m going to try to watch a movie tonight or maybe I should just go to bed early

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A Knock On My Door Makes Me Nervous

As a guy who has sung Bryan Adams songs live in front of two sets of actual crowds of people (the first one was very small, just about 50, and the second must have been 200 atleast), I know that a lot of his songs suits my voice a lot. The songs of his that I have sung were Please Forgive Me, Heaven, On A Day Like Today & Summer Of 69.

I’m going to be part of an office off site meeting in January, which will be 50% work and 50% fun! Among the festivities, once the work stuff is done, along with food & drink, is that we’re getting an acoustic guitarist & a keyboard player and make people sing on a small stage. It’s going to be less than 50 people, so it’s very small scale. I’m thinking of singing Adams’ Room Service, which is off his 2005 album of the same name. Here’s the video below.

Ofcourse it can’t be an arena rocker with a full band, given our limitations. So I searched Youtube and found this slower version with just him on an acoustic guitar. I like this version a lot. So in January, I’m going to go unplugged. Enjoy the songs.


I was watching Criminal Minds, which is one of my favourite tv shows at the moment, and who should I see in a tiny guest appearance? None other than Mr. Michael Ironside. Who is he?

Only the coolest bad guy / villain of all time. He made his name playing the hard edge “Ham Tyler” in tv’s V and then moved on to movie roles in Top Gun, Total Recall, Starship Troopers & The Perfect Storm. The method actor is best known for playing villains, “tough guy” heroes and amputees, though he has also portrayed sympathetic characters. I’ve seen him playing numerous guest appearances in tv series, expecially Sci-Fi ones but it’s been a while since I saw him in anything. It was good seeing the now almost 60 year old tough guy.


The Vision Of Death

download barbie mariposa and her butterfly fairy friends movie You are transported to a strange room that looks like it’s in aa hospital or a clinic. You see a tiny baby in a cradle crying it’s little head off. You go to it. You pick it up. You suddenly get to see a premonition, a vision of the future: the little baby you hold in your hands will grow up to be a mass murderer, a serial rapist, a racist criminal and will be responsible for the destruction of thousands of homes & familes due to the crimes he commits.

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Would you kill that baby? No one would know and even if they did, knowing what the baby will do in due time, they might even agree with you and pat you on the back.

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So….would you do it?

Arsenal 2 Aston Villa 2

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download bachelor party 2 the last temptation Arsenal can’t catch a break at the moment. We should have won last week at Liverpool and yesterday we let Aston Villa in through the back door. Martin O’Neill’s side had battered the Londoners throughout the first half but somehow found themselves two goals down only to mount a superb fightback. Goals either side of half-time by Denilson and Abou Diaby for Arsenal were not a fair reflection of the game and, after Gareth Barry’s penalty pulled a goal back, Knight smashed home a stoppage-time leveller to maintain Villa’s three-point lead over the Gunners.

Arsene Wenger was without captain Cesc Fabregas through injury and striker Emmanuel Adebayor due to suspension. His injury problems worsened when Johan Djourou had to be replaced at late notice by Kolo Toure, having seemingly suffered a problem in the warm-up.

evil under the sun download Aston Villa seem to be keeping a firm grip on the 4th spot and we need to stop throwing away matches that we should be winning. Wenger, time to sign a couple of big names!

Dark Horse – Nickelback

Like a few bands before them, Nickelback has had their share of flack. For no apparent reason other than the fact that they are so successful, the 4 musicians get insults hurled at them. Well, they could care less! Why? Cause they are successful again & again. With their latest album Dark Horse, released Nov 19th, 2008, peaking at #2 in the US & #1 in their homeland of Canada, they can have the last laugh. Oh and certified platinum as of December 22, with sales of around 1,300,000.

We start off with a funky guitar riff that then moves on to the main riff, which lays an infectious groove that makes up the song Something In Your Mouth. Sexual innuendo has always been a big part of the lyrics of the band and it always will. We move on to another cool groove in Burn It To The Ground, a good ole rebelious war cry with drinks and overall anarchy. The next song is their first single off this album and the gem in the cd. Gotta Be Somebody is a foot tappi, high tempo, semi-ballad that is sure to their massive hit of this record. It’s all about waiting to find that special someone, something that I can relate to.

I’d Come For You is an apology to the one that the protagonist loves and has had a fight with. He is letting the person know that she always comes first no matter what. Next Go Round is about violence in a relationship, intense and bordering on the point of obsession. Just To Get High is about a person who lost his battle with drugs and going to get high all the time. The lyrics are from the point of someone who sees his friend do dangerous things just to feed the druggie in him. The song has a cool guitar solo. Never Gonna Be Alone is the obligatory “put your lighters in the air” love ballad professing devotion. They start sounding like Def Leppard from this point on. Not too much but enough for fans to notice.

Shakin’ Hands is about a woman who has slept her way to the top of Hollywood. She didn’t make it this far by shaking hands. S.E.X. is about… guessed it! It’s such a cool song that it could even replace the dance  floor hits in a discotheque and it starts of with these machine gun bursts of guitar riffs. If Today Was Your Last Day is a suggestion to change your outlook on life and rethink the way that you live yours. This Afternoon is about hanging out with your friends, smoking a little weed and having fun. It sounds like the band is unwinding after a long & weary world tour.

With the introduction of Mutt Lange on production, Nickelback sounds like a heavier Bryan Adams meets Def Leppard. Those overdubs and chorus of vocals that we are so familiar with. Luckily its not too much but it’s still obvious. It’s still a great album and their success runs is still going on strong. However I would like more songs like Animals from the last one. Here’s the video for Gotta Be Somebody.

We’re Not Gonna Take It

I work with some major assholes who head some of the other departments. They go back on their word when it suits them and will deviate from any agreement made at the beginning of the month and expect me to adjust to it. And then they want to adjust even more and no problem what happens to the performance of my department. It has been that way from the onset.

Today they wanted the Quality team and the Training department to be ready to drop everything we are working on and come running to their aid since they are such jerk-offs and can’t arrange anything properly themselves but pretend that they are above everyone else. Both the guy heading Quality & myself (I head training) will not bow to them and said that we will do things as normal since we get so little support from them back. That sure left their knickers in a twist! Well, you know what! I don’t give a fuck!

Take A Look At The About Page

watch bag boy online It was back on the 6th of Dec that I had stated my desire to change my bio that I have posted on a page here. But I couldn’t get round to it and even when I had spare time, I was lazy and preferred to watch dvds. Well today, since we have a day off for Christmas, I sat down in the late afternoon and rewrote it.

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the memory keeper s daughter movie I took people’s advice and tried to create a ‘stage wise’ bio, thinking of eras in my life and letting you know something about it. I hope this gives you a clearer picture of the man behind the blog. It’s not completed; I’d say it 95% done. It just needs a few more details. Check it out and let me know if you liked it.