Arsenal 0 West Ham 0

Arsenal did nothing to help their very slim chances of winning the league by failing to pull the trigger in their match against West Ham United. Playing at their home ground, the Gunners had the majority of ball possession and the chances but a determined West Ham foiled a victory. Abou Diaby saw an early header deflected onto the crossbar, and Emmanuel Adebayor missed two good chances in the second half, while even the introduction of leading scorer Robin van Persie from the bench could not conjure up a winner.

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the bank job movie download Meanwhile, in a match I saw this evening, Aston Villa went at with gusto but could just not find the back of the net in a often thrilling 0-0 draw against Wigan Athletic. And Bolton held off & survived a Tottenham Hotspurs revival to clinch a 3-2 victory.

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If I Kiss You Where It’s Sore

Mike Boon introdued me to the music of Regina Spektor, the now almost 29 year old Russian born American singer-songwriter & piano player from New York. Anti-folk music (whatever that is) is her style according to the media but I would put her in along with the music of Tori Amos. I just love red headed piano playing women who have lovely voices.

Enjoy the live recording of Better taken from the 2007 Lollapalooza tour.

Notes For 31st January

  • The mood is not too great in the team, so I have arranged for a lunch out to a restaurant today. That always puts a smile on the team and makes for a fun 2 hours.
  • I just can’t stand how everyone in management talks about the recession and how tough it is and how we have to make “adjustments” (meaning no hikes for us bottom level people while they rake in the money) – yet the work keeps piling up! Yesterday I was sent the newest report to be maintained by the 2nd of January onwards.
  • I was invited to go to Bangalore for an interview with a company that wanted a trainer for their technical & sales people on soft skills. The pay sounds extremely enticing but I have decided not to go since it is for insurance & it regards field training as well. I’ll keep searching.
  • I just realized that I have blogged atleast one post for each day of the month in January! I don’t think that I have done that in a while. It seems like every month the connection goes down for a day or two but it hasn’t in January.
  • I’ve been re-reading novels at a good pace recently. I finished two books this month, both by John Grisham (The Broker & The King Of Torts) and 2 in December (The Firm & The Brethren) also by Grisham. I need to find a new second-hand book store as there is no way that I am going to shell out Rs.300-500 for a novel.
  • I also plan to hit the dvd store tomorrow and get a few new movies to watch. I still have Hancock left to watch from my previous shopping. I’m hoping that they will have dvds of some of the tv series that I want to own a copy of. Their selection is really bad.

Update: Due to one of us having a family issue, the lunch out was cancelled or rather postponed until further notice. I know there were some disappointed faces b that can be rectified in a couple of days time.

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Where You’d Fly For The Weekend If Your Best Friend Had A Helicopter

Ok, first is my imaginary best friend with the helicopter a woman? She hot? Then she can come with me in the copter, otherwise I’m dumping the friend into the great big ocean!

My answer would be :

  • If we also had lots of cash (I’m assuming that money is no issues since we have a copter at our beck and call), then we’d go to Las Vegas, get ourselves a deluxe suite, order lots of champagne and caviar and play black jack until the roster crows!
  • Or, we would go to someplace like the Turks & Caicos Islands, get a bungalow overlooking the ocean, drink lots of rum punch while said hotty girl best friend slithers around in a string bikini!
  • Or, we’d go away to a hill top house, surrounded by acres of clean air and snow, lock ourselves in a cozy cabin and scare the nearby animals with our lovemaking!

Ok, I know that I am terrible but this post prompt that I got from Plinky made me think about all of these situations. Now you take a turn!

Server Space Secured For 2009

About 10 minutes back, I renewed my website server space with Total Choice Hosting

for another year. I started this blog back on the evening of the 1st of January, 2007. I installed WordPress and ran my first couple of blog posts just before the stroke of midnite and sat back to admire the results.

Back then I didn’t know how long I would want to maintain my own domain & server space for my blog. Ok, the domain name is easier & not expensive at all to maintain. The server space is also not expensive; infact the rate of 700 MB for a year is quite reasonable. It’s the just the though of paying it at once – reasonable it may be but I just don’t make that much money to pay it all off at once. However, I also want to pay it and then not have to worry about it for a year.

watch 12 angry men online So I have renewed (although I had done it on the 1st of January when I first purchased this the renewal date is upto the 1st of Feb) and I am glad that it is done. My blog here will run for it’s 3 year as well. After that, we’ll see. I don’t know for how many years I will maintain this when I do have the choice of & options that are free of cost. But I just like having my very own website. As I am sure some of my favourite bloggers do too.

Arsenal 1 Everton 1

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download it movie Arsenal were able to salvage a draw at the very end of a match that they just had to win. Robin van Persie’s stunning injury-time strike gave Arsenal a point they barely deserved at Everton. Van Persie’s brilliant left-foot volley rescued Arsenal – but not before another resilient Everton performance dented their faltering title hopes.

china strike force online Tim Cahill headed Everton in front with his 100th career goal from Leighton Baines’ cross after 61 minutes. Arsenal made six changes from the side that drew at Cardiff in the FA Cup – but there was little opportunity for anyone to shine in a dour first 45 minutes.

The Moody Blues For Me

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Hot day. It was cloudy throughout and didn’t get sunny at all but it’s been warm, especially from the evening.

watch freddy got fingered online download charlie bartlett I didn’t go to the office as I wasn’t feeling all that great and my mind was heavy with thoughts. So I took a personal day. By 11 am, even after just drinking my second cup of coffee of the day, I was quite tired & sleepy, so I lay in bed for the next 2 hours, watching some dvds.

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I tried to engage myself in doing something interesting but I was just too tired mentally to think straight. I took a nap in the late afternoon; I was half asleep and noticed that I was snoring while trying to watch something on my computer! So off came my glasses and I slept for a bit. Nothing else for today. Just watching videos on youtube and trying to fall back to sleep.

Sign Of Things To Come

I was running late for work today and I got an auto to drive me uptil the office. As we were crossing the North Railway Station bridge, I was texting members of my team regarding some work to be done later and replying back to a team member who was down with the flu. So I didn’t see it until the driver cried out on seeing the scene to our left.

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It was near the Lisie Junction bus stop and as I looked towards the right, I saw what the driver and many others who were looking and pointing were seeing. They were looking at the dead body of a man, lying on the side of the road. Apparently he tripped while either climbing or alightining the bus and the back wheels went over his head. He died instantly and it was not a pretty sight, judging by the screams of the people on that side of the road.

I can’t imagine losing someone like that. What his family must be going through today. It could have been his fault or it could have been the bus driver’s fault. Or it could have been a total accident. But he will still remain dead. I think he was around 50 or so, judging by what I could see. That was a gruesome image to see, heading on to work and it would mirror the day at the office to a T.

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Your Dance Is Not In Sync With My Religion

On the 25th of this month, the city of Mangalore witness Hindu extremists at their intolerant worst. Over 30 activists of Sri Rama Sene (Rama’s Army) went berserk, beating and chasing away patrons of a pub in the Hampankatte area in the early hours of Sunday morning. The pub had a dance floor and there were about 10 pairs of dancers at the time.

The activists asked the dancers to disband and told the owners of the establishment to shut down their shutters. When the organizers paid no heed, the religious zealots went wild and attacked the boys & girls who were dancing in the pub.

Four of the girls were beaten up and they had to be taken to a hospital for treatment. Some of the girls were able to escape by slipping through the backdoor. And now a police case has been filed and 15 of the activists men have been taken into custody.

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Songs From The Sparkle Lounge – Def Leppard

Like a blast of nostalgia and hi-fives to the max – that’s how I would describe listening to Def Leppard’s latest album. They have nothing left to prove and they are doing what they love for themselves and their millions of fans. But for a band who have been around as long as they have, I’m surprised that this is just their 11th studio album. I shouldn’t be, cause I have all the other 10, but I still am. In the May 17, 2008 issue of Billboard magazine the album debuted at #5 on the Top 200 Album chart, selling about 55,000 copies. The album debuted at #1 on the Rock Album chart and the Hard Rock Album chart. And this album comes not too long after Yeah! (their tribute to their influences album) and a beefed up new Hits collection Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection.

A cool but harder sounding Go kicks off the record. The barage of guitars are enough to convince me of the direction that this album is going in – and I’m on board! Nine Lives is a fun and good first single, albeit a duet with country crooner Tim McGraw, who I usually don’t listen to. But the good ole Lep sound is back in full form over here and still sounds fresh & energetic. C’mon, C’mon is the second single and boasts a cool video. The lyrics don’t tax the brain – it’s about having a great time and sex is on the plate. We need a ballad now and they deliver with Love. But I wouldn’t label it as one of their best.

Tomorrow is a feel good, casual shrug of the shoulder and is worth listening to a few times before you write it off. Cruise Control has this cool bass line that holds the whole song together (screaming guitar solo non-withstanding). Hallucinate showcases the driving interlock of guitarists Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell’s bone cutting guitar licks. Only The Good Die Young should be their next single and is probably their best song on the record.

Bad Actress (Lindsay Lohan? Jennifer Lopez? Paris Hilton?) is about just that. A little punk song, perhaps with a bow to the 70s British scene. Come Undone is a vintage nod to their old swagger. The album’s final track Gotta Let It Go is dispensed with a flashy pulverizing chorus. The vocals of Joe Elliot sound about at his best, although he can’t really take it too high anymore. Rick Savage on bass & Rick Allen on the drums create the foundation for the guitarists to lay down layers of guitar work and some keyboards that add to the melody.

They are not going to lay any new ground but it’s a matter of sticking to your guns and being true to yourself. Def Leppard will continue to please anyone who wants that 80s sound, with a little updation, and pleasing choruses. I say ROCK ON with Nine Lives!

Wardrobe Changes You Make When You Get Home

Ok! So you were at work or had gone out for some errands or with friends or were basically just out and now you are coming back home. What do you do the first thing when you walk into your house / apartment / carboard carton box / hole in the wall?

I’ll tell the first thing I do as soon as I get home. No matter where I have been or what I was doing, I go straight to my room, kick off my shoes & socks, take off my pants or jeans, then my shirt and my underwear and I wear my lungi!

Since most of you who read this blog are foriegners, let me tell you what a lungi is. I hope you are all aware of what a dhoti is! Well they are just like that, only for more casual wearing and certainly not intended for wearing outside of the house. They are also more colourful than dhotis, which come in only white with different colour borders, and are certainly more comfortable and feels soft against your thighs.

I currently own 3 pairs – two are plaid, one is dark blue (which I am wearing right now). I will be buying a couple more soon and the design is very important to me (of all things to worry about). In hot, humid Kerala and the rest of South India, it is perfect for home wear. It lets cool breezes slide up your thighs and keeps everything cooler. I used to wear pajamas until I was 13 or 14 but since then it’s been lungis all the way.

So what do you wear at home and what are the wardrobe changes you make when you get home?

Note : read about lungis & mundus

The Evil That Indian Companies Do

I am surprised at the kind of actions that some people do. No emotions involved, corporate greed & hippocracy is at it’s very best. On display is the double standards and evil intentions. Human Resources…….they forget the word ‘Human’.

It seems that most companies are like that. One company has made it a point to let every employee know that they (the employees) are nothing but peices of meat to be shoved from side to side as they please. Their family life, career and feelings be damned. I know its a recession but come one please. Another has made it clear that the employees below manager level are mere props or pawns in a race to see who can get more money.

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What a life! I wonder if we could get rid of such evil empires of greed & evil.

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Sens Update : All Star Break

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Since the last update, things have improved a lot for the Ottawa Senators. On the 14th, the day immediately after their 5-1 victory over Carolina, the Sens went to Atlanta and won 3-2 against the Thrashers. Jason Spezza and Daniel Alfredsson each had a goal and an assist, helping Ottawa beat the Thrashers 3-2 to keep Atlanta reeling at home on Wednesday night. Dean McAmmond broke a 2-2 tie for the winning goal 14:23 into the second period. Jarkko Ruutu floated a pass up the ice for McAmmond, who scored on a breakaway ahead of trailing defenseman Ron Hainsey. Goalie Brian Elliot saved 29 of 31 shots on goal.

On the 17th Ottawa was visted by the Montreal Canadiens and lost in a shootout after coming back from 4-2 down to tie the game. Mike Fisher scored Ottawa’s third goal of the third period with 1:47 remaining in regulation to tie it 4-4. Elliott stopped 28 shots in his fourth straight start. Dany Heatley scored twice, earlier in the period, drawing the Senators to within one each time. Chris Kelly also scored for Ottawa, which failed in its bid to win three games in a row for the first time this season

Washington came calling 3 days later and Ottawa won by a 3-2 margin. Heatley scored 2 goals again and Brendan Bell had the game winning power-play goal (3rd of the game) with 1:22 remaining to lift the Senators to a 3-2 win over the Capitals. In this game Ottawa’s Peter Regin made his NHL debut. A 22-year-old chosen in the third round of the 2004 draft, Regin was called up from Binghamton of the AHL earlier in the day and became the fifth Danish-born player in league history.

download under fire dvd And now they are sitting pretty, waiting for the All-star game to get over and meet the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday.