What’s In Store This Saturday Night?

Turns out that I wouldn’t be ale to watch football this evening. It seems that its the turn of the FA Cup and so no English Premier League games are on today. Not sure if they would be showing any FA games live on tv but it’s highly unlikely since no name teams are pitted againt each other. So no football for me. But should I complain?

Sitting & relaxing at home listening to mp3s on my pc and browsing through some of my favourite blogs. I have just reached home from work and I’m sipping a cold apple fizz drink. I’ve got some chips and peanuts to chomp on. There’s Shark on at 9pm and immediately after that is Criminal Minds. There’s bread and fish curry for dinner. Things are surely very nice this Saturday night.

No sir, I cannot complain!

There’s a New Year party going on in an apartment complex building close to mine. From my balcony I can see the lights and hear the songs. They seem to be having some dance programs and some games going on in the parking lot cum basketball court cum kids play area that they have there. It’s much bigger than my building. Lots of fire crackers going off too.

Done For The Day

Dull day today. Well, it’s dull from 4 pm onwards. I’m just waiting for 6 pm so I can leave. I’m done for the day.

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I took the team out for lunch today. Nothing too major but everyone came back with filled bellies and were groaning on the way back home. It was mostly biryanis, lime sodas and I had a fried fish along with mine. Some had prawn curries with their biriyanis. We then had a team meeting and discussion on next week’s activities.

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I’ve mapped out the plan for the month and sent out a few mails. Our December review ppts are done as well and we’ve done a good job. Not too many complaints and my team should be either top or in second place (pretty confident of that). Chatted & flirted (her words not mine) with the rather sweet lead of MIS, who sits in Bangalore, when I called for some clarification on some data.

Overall, I think I’ve had a productive day ;) Lol! I just want to lay back and watch some football. Go Arsenal!

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