Cochin Suffers Due To Shitheads

Get this! The petrol bunk owners in the city / state had ceased to stock & provide petrol & diesel from yesterday to protest againt ….the lowering of fuel prices that has recently come into effect! No, I am not joking. They actually did this. The claim for the strike is ofcourse that they will lose profit on the lower prices.

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On my way home last night I saw the petrol stations jammed with bikes & cars waiting to fill their tanks with the last remaining fuel that the stations had to offer. People were trying to outdo one another and the tempers were getting flared. This morning it was difficult for a lot of people to travel by cars unless by luck they had enough fuel to get to work and back. I was able to get to work but then….I forgot! CPIM has organized a huge meeting of all their party members from across the state and all supporters too.

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They blocked the whole city man. Fucking morons in buses that they have hired, drums beating, singing their political nonsense, while the rest of us just want to have a normal Friday at the office and then get home in a reasonable time. Why do we suffer this again & again?

I had to leave the office by 3 pm and it took me till 5 to actually reach home. I ended up walking from the bypass to Palarivattom junction (since the buses were rerouted from there) and then managed to get a bus to Kaloor bus station. From there another long walk in the hot sun till Kacheripady. There I has a fruit salad and some iced water and then walked back home.