Not Impressed By Your Eccentricity

I met a DGM from  our Chennai officer, who is in charge of one of the big projects there, last week. I was to give him a download of the process that we follow for training and let him know of the challenges that we face in my department/team. The same activity was done for other departments like recruitment, HR & Admin. The reason for it is that this guy is supposed to help us find out ways to reduced our costs and be more efficient.

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Towards the end of the day, the HR head for our center asked me to meet him (the DGM) once again, as he was really impressed  with me during our earlier meeting and felt that I was very clear, offered some valid & interesting points that varied from my counterparts in other centers and stuff. His words not mine! So I did and the DGM said the same thing to me as we shook hands.

The funny part is – I was not impressed by him! I thought he was a moron and quite arrogant. I don’t know if this was a stratergy but he said some odd things and his manner of speaking was insulting to say the least. He was pretending to be eccentric, highy smart & intuitive but he came out as an idiot. The others felt so to. I don’t want to sound like I am prejudiced but most guys like him are aways Tamilians. They always sound like this.

I have met many nice & smart Tamilians in my life. Men or women from Tamil Nadu who rock. But the really dumb ones are also from that state. I dunno why that is so. They come out sounding so fake and they always put an accent that is so put on. I have met 3 such guys in this company – all Tamilians from Chennai. Can you stop doing that and act more normal?

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Arsenal Low On Fire Power But Still Win

watch smart people online Seemingly low in fire power, Arsenal had to rely on an 84th minute winner by Denmark striker Nicklas Bendtner to nudge ahead 1-0 against a resilient Bolton. The Dane came off the bench to fire a late winner as Arsenal finally ended up as victors against stubborn resistance in a 1-0 win at Emirates Stadium.

The Gunners had dominated possession, but failed to unlock the visitors, who put 10 men behind the ball. However, just when time looked to be running out, Bendtner arrived at the far post to volley in a first goal since November and renew hopes Arsene Wenger’s men can force their way back into the race for the Barclays Premier League title.

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Following Aston Villa’s win over West Brom, the Gunners were again playing catch up on the top four, but moved level on points with Manchester United – who host Chelsea on Sunday and already have two games in hand.