We Rushed To Get Home But….

There was this old timer political leader who passed away today. Communist party or something (can’t you tell that I hate fucking politics). All them buggers coming to the city caused traffic jams and rerouting during the day. Several colleagues who work in the afternoon shifts were about an hour or so late coming in to work.

It seems that there would be an event of some kind to commerate his death and the venus was too close to the office for comfort. Most shops in the area had closed down their shutters as (a) a mark of respect or (b) fearing for their lives & livelihood just in case some nutcase politicians decided to ransack their shops. I’m think 90% it was option b. We closed down our front shutters too.

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So by 6 pm a few of us were wondering if we would be able to make it home in time if we left at our usual pace. The event was supposed to begin after 6:30 pm and I usually leave the office after 7 pm. So my friend Kiran and I decided to jump the gun and go home early. We left the office at 6:20 pm and got a bus in about 10 minutes. Turns out that our fears were unwarranted! We reached homevery quickly as there were no traffic jams (other than the usual ones we see around town) and I reached home at around 7:15 pm.

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