The Moody Blues For Me

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Hot day. It was cloudy throughout and didn’t get sunny at all but it’s been warm, especially from the evening.

watch freddy got fingered online download charlie bartlett I didn’t go to the office as I wasn’t feeling all that great and my mind was heavy with thoughts. So I took a personal day. By 11 am, even after just drinking my second cup of coffee of the day, I was quite tired & sleepy, so I lay in bed for the next 2 hours, watching some dvds.

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I tried to engage myself in doing something interesting but I was just too tired mentally to think straight. I took a nap in the late afternoon; I was half asleep and noticed that I was snoring while trying to watch something on my computer! So off came my glasses and I slept for a bit. Nothing else for today. Just watching videos on youtube and trying to fall back to sleep.