Where You’d Fly For The Weekend If Your Best Friend Had A Helicopter

Ok, first is my imaginary best friend with the helicopter a woman? She hot? Then she can come with me in the copter, otherwise I’m dumping the friend into the great big ocean!

My answer would be :

  • If we also had lots of cash (I’m assuming that money is no issues since we have a copter at our beck and call), then we’d go to Las Vegas, get ourselves a deluxe suite, order lots of champagne and caviar and play black jack until the roster crows!
  • Or, we would go to someplace like the Turks & Caicos Islands, get a bungalow overlooking the ocean, drink lots of rum punch while said hotty girl best friend slithers around in a string bikini!
  • Or, we’d go away to a hill top house, surrounded by acres of clean air and snow, lock ourselves in a cozy cabin and scare the nearby animals with our lovemaking!

Ok, I know that I am terrible but this post prompt that I got from Plinky made me think about all of these situations. Now you take a turn!