Blonde And Blonder

Ok, there were only two reasons why I picked up this movie. But they were two big reasons! Two huge reasons!! It was cheap and it has Pamela Anderson + Denise Richards in it!

Blonde and Blonder download vantage point just business online download swingers is a buddy movie about two dumb blondes who meet at a flying instruction class. Both think the other is the instructor and Denise flies the plane. Yeah right!

Anyway, they become bosom buddies and breast, err, best friends. Pamela introduces Denise to her farting turtle. They audition for a dance gig, only it’s actually a strip joint, and the owner is killed by the hitherto unseen assassin, the Cat, played by Emmanuelle Vaugier (the most gorgeous of the 3 babes in the movie) who was hired by. Only thing is, the cops & the two blondes are mistaken by the mafia and the cops for being the Cat & her protege Kit.

The mafia hire the two blondes to kill Hang Wong, the leader of the Niagra Falls triads but the ladies think that they are to take him out on a date. A road trip later, the blondes are at Wong’s posh hotel, where Dawn (Richards) win a million dollars at the tables and Dee (Anderson) goes to meet Wong. Much chasing follows as the cops go after Wong, closely persued by Kat & Kit. Dawn meets her dream man and they both go to rescue Dee. Once everyone is caught, the misunderstanding is sorted out.

So, Dee & Dawn cash in the million and launch their own turtle sanctuary, the assassins are in jail & Dawn is with her dream man. This movie makes no sense and it rightly bombed at the box office. The acting is cliched and at times it is so bad! I am surprised to see Gary Chalk (Cold Squad) in it and to his credit, he seems very apologetic throughout the film. The only good thing is Pam’s two best friends, in full swing throughout! It’s dumb and stupid otherwise and I just wasted an afternoon watching it.

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Am I Being Greedy?

I am so disappointed but I can’t say that I was any shocked or surprised at it. I was expecting it but it doesn’t mean that I feel ok about it.

As I had mentioned earlier in my blog, I got promoted in the begining of July of last year. I didn’t get any grade change or a promotion hike. I asked for some (in August) and was told by the DGM of training that I would get a pay hike and that she hoped that it would meet my expectations. I also spoke to the local DGM who takes care of our  branch here about it. September rolled by and nothing happened. October came and went. I concentrated on my work.

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By the end of November, I knew that I had to do something. It took me a while to dig up the courage, infact it was the second week of December when I asked the DGM about it again. She gave me no excuses about the delay but feed me a story about how she was going to push for my promotion to Assistant Manager for the new financial year. I told her that it was fine but that I wanted the pay hike that she told me that I would get. She then said that she wasn’t sure that she could do it but on further insistence from me said that she would push for it. I spoke to the center head and the DGM of HR and I was told end of January.

Now January has come and gone and still no pay hike. I waited last evening to see if my salary had hit my account but a quick check at the ATM revealed no salary at 7 pm. I went home and watched tv & waited till 11 pm when I got an alert that my salary had been deposited in my account. A quick second later I saw that it was the normal one and that my hike has not materialized! Even though I was expecting it, I was pretty much bummed out. I think I deserve the pay hike, I did get promoted and I am doing a good job. I would like to move out, find a small & nice place for me and start living my life. I can’t afford to at what I am currently getting. It’s been 7 months!

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Am I being greedy?

Movies That Have Made Me Cry….Just A Bit

My cousin Manoj has a recent post over at his blog about the movies that make him cry. Reading that made me think about the recent conversation I had at the office with my colleagues on the movies that made me cry.

I can only think of two at the moment and one scene in a tv series. If I can come up with more, I’ll update it here but for now:

1) Anjali – a Tamil movie, one of the few that I have liked. It’s about this mentally handicapped 5 year old girl named ‘Anjali’. She is shy and nervous and some of the kids in the area tie a string of crackers to her as a form of fun. Later the kids realize their mistake and they all shower love for the cute little girl and include her in their activities. Anjali dies at the end of the movie and your heart will break when her brother & sister & the other kids start crying as they try to wake her up. I have seen the movie 3 times and cried at the end of each viewing.

2) Lucas – 80’s child star Corey Haim acts as the main character in this teen movie. Lucas is a nerdy kid who justs wants to be part of the gang but is made fun of and tortured by the school bullies. He also falls for the pretty new girl but she likes the football star. So Lucas joins up and in his only appearance gets trampled on. The final scene where everyone at school, including the two bullies, applauds Lucas (when he isn’t sure what happened in the game) and he pulls out the varsity jacket and being accepted as a full time player and he starts crying; just thinking about it makes me tear up.

3) Friends – I’m a big fan of the best sit-com ever and the scene in which Monica & Chandler get engaged makes me tear up every time. Just a bit you know, I don’t start babbling like a jackass. But the first time I saw it, I did manage to cry and laugh at the same time.

So there those are my few. Let me see if I can think of anymore.