I Can’t Hear The Sound Of Music

Like the withdrawal symptoms that a junkie feels when his chemical substance of choice is being denied to him! That’s exactly how I feel at this time!

The reason – I play music almost exclusively from my PC, blasting rock, metal, blues, country, folk & flamenco songs as soon as I get in the apartment, as soon as I wake up from work. I can’t live without music. I just can’t. I have an ipod shuffle but a friend has borrowed it for a few days as he was going on a trip. And most of the time I still play songs on my PC since I am not too fond of using earphones anyways. It irritated me after 20 minutes or so. Plus I like the room to be envelopped by the sound of the guitar, bass, keyboards & drums!

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So what happened was, last night at around 11 pm, I heard a flicker and there was a sudden dip in the flow of electric current and the lights dimmed for a bit. Then in the gap of a few seconds it shot up to normal. I didn’t pay too much attention to this until I selected a song to play on Youtube and noticed that there was no sound coming out of the speakers.

I did a quick check of the plugs and the wires. It must be the adapter that got concked off during that sudden surge. I hate that! I wanted to go this evening and get it repaired or buy a new one but I was able to leave from the office quite late and by the time I reached town, it was closing time for the shops. So I will have to wait till tomorrow. Only, there is going to be a review starting at 4pm and I don’t think that I can get away until after 9 pm, so I guess it will have to wait till Wednesday.

No music till then…………… waaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

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