Your Face Is Etched Into My Mind

This song brings back memories of me staying in a hostel in Bangalore when I was 19 years old (1995). I had gone back home for a month in between  classes for the holidays and it was my first day back. Infact, it was an hour or so after I got back to the hostel on my way from Cochin.

My roommates & the others in the hostel were due in a couple of days and I was immediately lonely on reaching my room. I put my bag away and changed into shorts and a t-shirt. I had my walkman with me and I was playing Menace To Sobriety, the 3rd release by Ugly Kid Joe. I remember feeling incredible loneliness – I missed my hometown, I missed my family & friends and I missed my then girl friend. The song that played was this one; Milkman’s Son. When you listen to it, it’s a mid-tempo rocker and not sad or nostalgic in any manner.

But  I dunno why, I started crying! Not whimpering; tears were falling down my cheeks and I was singing along to the lyrics. I dunno why but this memory is so strong in my mind. I guess I was just silly. Anyway, enjoy the song & the video by Ugly Kid Joe.

Music Is Back, Beer Is Back, Problems Is Back

My disappointment in not getting the hike that is due to me – I didn’t think that it would haunt me so. Things are not so rosy & secure as I thought it would be for my folks. I had hoped to move out no matter whether I got the hike or not. It’s not like I won’t be strapped for cash. And I have to face it – I am not good with money; can never save it!

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Things are just piling up a bit and it will take some time to sort it out. That means waiting for a longer time even after waiting for all this time. I’m not getting any younger. I’m fucking 32 years old. In August of this year, I will turn 33 years old and I do not have anything to show for it. I seriously must think of maybe even taking up a job that will pay me more even if do not enjoy it and even it’s not in at a something that I would want to do. Like the sales & insurance jobs that keep coming my way. I hate both.

I needed to get a new adapter for my PC speakers and so at 7 pm I left the office and boarded a bus for Padma bus stop. Just before 8 pm I finally found the appropriate model – the area seems to have a scarcity of electronics stores and I walked about quite a bit. It was hot and muggy and my shirt & undershirt was sticking to my back and I was perspiring quite a bit. I had wanted to get a beer or two so off I walked to Oberoi bar and downed two Kingfisher beers in about an hour and had a plate of chilli gobi along with them.

I must say that that the beers have helped me to relax a bit and drift my troubles for some time. It’s not good to keep things on your shoulders all the time. I don’t think that drinking solves my problems but a beer or two can help you relax quite a bit, if you don’t over do it. I’ll probably sleep quite a bit this night. So cheers to you and I hope things get rosier soon. Goodnite to you!

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Home Office – What It Should Look Like

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Home Office, originally uploaded by garrettmurray.

I’ve always been on the lookout for computer & home office setups. My current setup is not too good. But when I bought my computer, it wasn’t meant for doing any work….it was for play!

However, I have ended up doing a bunch of work related stuff on it, including creating presentation slides, documents, excel worksheets and mails. It has been on the upswing since last May and even more from July since I got promoted.

I will soon be on the lookout for upgrading my system & the desk where I have placed it. Looking for ideas and this one just grabs my attention as it is simple and yet elegant & efficient (well it looks like it is efficient anyway)! Thanks for sharing the pic Garrett.

Tagged By Momma Mia

I was tagged by the oh so loveable Meleah to complete this meme.

The rules:

1. Link to the person that tagged you

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Here goes:

1. quirk: I cannot sleep with my underwear on! Just can’t do it. It’s too uncomfortable. I can sleep in pajamas but not with underwear!

2. non-important thing: Is it just me or are my nails growing a lot faster since I turned 32?

3. habit: I drink too much coffee (goes to get another cup).

4. quirk: In the office, outside, at home, anywhere – I keep thinking I’m a character in Star Trek.

5. non-important thing: I have to buy new shirts.

6. habit: I must always put on socks on my right foot first and then the left foot. I’ve noticed this for the past 20 years.

The SIX lucky bloggers I am tagging are:

That Girl

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