Up Before The Sun Even Thinks Of Rising

I couldn’t sleep much last night. I must have fallen asleep by around 12 or 12:15 am and by 3 am I was awake. I was thirsty and also needed to visit the loo. I drank a quarter of a jug of water and went to attend the call of nature.

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I couldn’t get back to sleep after that. I closed my eyes, thought of beautiful things that life has to offer and counted sheep. No effect. I tossed and turned and fought being awake. I didn’t win. Sleep had decided to skip visiting me and went off to greet other people.

So I’ve been awake for almost 4 hours now. At 5 am I said ” fuck it” and got up, brushed my teeth and made myself a strong cup of coffee, which I sipped while listening to Jesse Cook music. Oh, did I mention that I was able to buy a replacement adaptor and that I can listen to music on my PC again? I did? So what? I’m typing it again.