In The Wake Of Suicide

I was heading off to work today, pressed the elevator button and when it came I rode it down to the ground floor. As I opened the door, I noticed that there was a huge sheet tied to the doorway that is right next to the elevator door. A sheet covering? Whatever for? I turned and saw one of neighbours coming towards the elevator door with his little granddaughter in his arms. He told me the reason for the sheet being tied there. And it was shocking.

The doorway leads to the back area of the building & immediately after the doorway, to the left is the room where all the switch boards for the various apartments in our building are kept. It has a grill door. The security guard had committed suicide by tie a rope to the top of the grill door and hanging himself! My neighbour moved the sheet aside and as I looked I saw the dead body of the security guard with his head still dangling from his makeshift noose.

I was shocked to say the least. There was a cop standing just outside, waiting for his superior officers and the ambulance which would take away the body. I just couldn’t believe it. This guy was always plesant and always respectful. He seemed like a nice guy. He had been working as a security watchman for our building for about 8 months now. He always offers to help out the elderly and the ladies who live in the building.

I have asked him to buy me medicines on a couple of occasions when I was too ill to venture out. I even gave him some cash when he was stuck up for it, though it wasn’t much and I had no intention of asking for it back. He always respectfully called me “chettan” or big brother. He’s helped my dad too and just last evening, he had bought my dad some medicines as my dad wasn’t well.

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This is extremely sad to know. I noticed that this guy was frequently on his cell phone a lot. He kept talking to some girl and some people knew that he liked some girl and he kept calling and talking to her. From what I heard before, as it often happens in India, the girl gave in to pressure from her family and either agreed to or got married to someone chosen by her parents. The theory is that he got depressed last night after he spoke to her and decided to end his life.  He also had some money problems of being unable to pay off debts and things like that. His right hand had mangled fingers, which he claimed to have happened in an accident.

I realized this morning on my way to work that I didn’t even know his name even though he had worked her for over 8 months.

His name was Sudeesh.

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Moving Seating Area….Once Again

enough online My office is crazy. Let me just say that and get it over with. They treat some of the people & departments like commodities or as part of the furniture. In the 2 years that I have working for them, my department’s seating area has been moved 4 times. Up down, up down. Whatever catches their fancy. What the fuck is this? If I wanted to go up & down, I’ll go to a playground and get on the fucking see-saw!

They always keep some stupid reason or the other. This happens every 6 months or so. What the fuck is their problem? We have upper management who have their heads up their asses and they have no shame about it. But I notice that there are some others who get all the perks & they get their way each & every time. They are known as arse-lickers!!

So late last night my team’s systems were moved two floors up and we are now smack down in the center, in the middle of the battlefield. I hate this. Too much noise, I found it difficult to concentrate, my MIS guy was having issues as well. I could barely hear my con calls and I am scared of opening data that only my team should be aware of. What to do?

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