Spurs Game May Not Be Debut For Arshavin

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Tomorrow’s North London derby game against Tottenham Hotspurs will probably not see the awaited debut of Andrey Arshavin. The 27-year-old new signing is currently travelling back from Russia after obtaining his visa. He is scheduled to arrive on Friday night however, with only 10 days of pre-season training under his belt with Zenit St Petersburg, Arsène Wenger was suggesting the midfielder may miss out.

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The Russian star’s move to Emirates Stadium was confirmed late on Tuesday afternoon – 24 hours after the transfer window closed. The timing of the announcement raised a few eyebrows among the footballing fraternity with Aston Villa and Reading reportedly concerned that Arsenal had missed the deadline.

Meanwhile we have Eboue back and the much maligned player must use this oppurtunity to get some fan support back. I always look forward to 3 matchups with much glee every year for Arsenal – Manchester United, Chelsea & Liverpool being the other 3 big clubs. But it’s always extra special against the fellow North Londoners. Bring it on!

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When I First Started Using The Internet…

…it was way back in 1998. Actually I had used it a bit the year before, when I joined up to sell modems part time. That agency showed me the ropes of using the net – the initial settings was just plain text without the graphics and without colour. Any website that you visited, you could only see the text part. I even remember the first 3 websites that I had visited – CNN.com, Wimbledon.org & Satriani.com download horton hears a who !

After that it was searching for internet cafes that started mushrooming across the city. It was Rs.200 for an hour at first and then it went down to Rs.100. I would go to Don Bosco tech, a polytechnic a little out of the way, to join the club started by father Mathew Michael and browse metal & rock bands websites. I would copy the text and paste it in notepads saved into my floppy disks so that I could come back home and read it at leisure later in the day.

I then got to use it a bit at NIIT, the institute where I spend 2 years to get my diplomo in computers. And finally, I found a former school mate, 3 years my senior, who had started a small cafe of his own. The seats were very comfy and they served free coffee. I spend a lot of time there for the next year and then onto several other places closer to my home. Till I got this pc & my broadband connection at home (November 2006), I would go twice a week atleast for a few hours to one of the internet cafes near my home.

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