Baby I’m Not That Strong

The Tea Party were an underrated band who effectively combined blues rock with progressive rock and mixed it with Indian & Middle Eastern musical influences. Between 1991 & 2005 the three Canadians released 8 albums, including a live recording, and created a solid fan base in Canada & Australia (where they were quite popular).

Their style of music has the unique privilege of being labelled as ‘Moroccan Roll’ and they certainly were quite different from the rest of the bands. Although now effectively split up due to singer / guitarist Jeff Martin chosing to pursue a solo career & then his Ireland based band The Armada in a slightly different musical direction, the band still has it’s fans and bassist Stuart Chatwood & drummer Jeff Burrows are still together as a song writing team called the Art OF Decay. But here’s a live recording of Walking Wounded, one of their most atmospheric songs.

Life Beyond Mother Earth

Do you think the Earth will be able to sustain life for the next 1000 years? Atleast 500? A 100? What will humans do beyond those years?

If you are like me, you’d know that there are several futuristic visions of man colonizing the Moon, Mars and several other moons in our solar system. Terra-forming is going to be the only way that we can colonize and live a happy life on another planet/moon, unless ofcourse it’s already has a human friendly natural enviornment, with plentiful water, vegetation & breathable air.

Someday, decades from now, mankind would have established a colony, permanent or otherwise, elsewhere and we’ll stop depending so much on the Earth; the Earth who we have plundered, looted & raped of her wealth. We’ll be able to visit other planets, find out whether there is life out there, travel between worlds in civil spaceships. I’m just sad that I won’t be alive to witness such an existence.

Would you like to be able to live in that time period? To step foot on another planet? Or are you comfortable here on your couch?

The New Simpsons Opening in HD

Thanks to that big Simpsons nut, Toronto Mike, I’ve just come to know that there’s a new opening for the series. And apparently that this is the first permanent change in the opening since the series began in 1989.

Wow, 1989! I was 13 and we didn’t even get cable tv in India back then. I had no idea who Bart Simpson was until atleast 1992 when I first started watching the show on the Star Tv network. I’ve been a fan ever since but I don’t get to watch it as frequently as I would have liked.

Enjoy the new HD opening folks!