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I live: in Kacheripaddy— near downtown Kochi

I work: at a BPO as the Training lead

I smell: with my nose

I listen: to music

I hide: my pain a lot of times

I walk: a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known

I write: about anything that interests me

I sing: along to my favourite songs

I can: be extremely lazy at times

I watch: a lot of scifi

I daydream: a lot. Why do you think I call my blog Awake & Dreaming

I want: a giant pizza.

I cry: to get the boo hoos outs.

I read: my fav books more than 3 times.

I love: dogs!

I rode: a bike for over a year without a license.

I sometimes: wonder what my life would be like if a few decisions had been different.

I fear: total failure.

I hope: to die a happy man.

I eat: a lot when I am depressed. Which is most days

I play: very infrequently these days.

I miss: my childhood.

I forgive: YOU for not commenting.

I drive: my self bonkers!

I lost: my virginity to a woman 13 years my senior and who was my teacher.

I dream: a lot and usually have similar themes in my dreams.

I kiss: no one’s ass.
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I hug: my friends.

I have: to pee now.

I remember: my mistakes and I hope to never repeat them.

I don’t: exercise even though I should .

I believe: that there is alien life.

I owe: it to myself to be happy.

I know: that there is no god!

I hate: hypocrites.

I wish: that I could have done some things differently.

I wear: anything that will fit me.

My ex: will always be the greatest regret of my life.

People would say that I’m: fat, lonely & funny.

I don’t understand: why people let religion & politics ruin their lives.

Life is full of: bullshit!

My past is: something I wish I could change

I get annoyed when: I’m taken for granted.
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Parties are: excuses to get drunk!

Tomorrow: is Wednesday!

Never in my life have I: seen a hockey game live, although I love the sport!

When I was younger, I: was an innocent kid.

When I was 5: I was much happier!

My life is not complete without: music & the internet.

If you visit my hometown: look me up. I’ll show you around town.

The world could do without: religion, politicians & rap music.

If I ever go back to school: I might change my career.