Notes For 18th Feb

  • In order to get the call center associates in my company to come forth with customer appreciation stories, I have announced that I will be giving a chocolate for every success story. The chocolate costs Rs.5 and will be taken out of the training budget assigned to me.
  • I loaned out my copy of Descent, a horror movie from a couple of years ago, to a friend at work and she had nightmares for 3 nights after watching it. Her parents have called me up to request me to never give her any scary movies henceforth.
  • Anyone still playing Doom? Back in the years 1997-2000, I would get many shareware games from cds that they gave out with computer magazines & from friends and I played them at all hours of the day & night. But Doom was my Mt. Everest and I loved playing it. I was a fanatic. I haven’t played it in years (I don’t play any games except for the occasional NHL 08 or Fifa 05) but I’ll be searching for a copy of Doom & kill all them monsters.
  • Joss Whedon has come up with another project! This guy never ceases to amaze me; how resilient and talented and prolific is he. So that’s Buffy (the movie), Buffy (the series), Angel, Firefly, Serenity, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog and now Dollhouse! It stars Eliza Dushku & Tahmoh Penikett. It promises to be good.
  • You have got to see this – someone has create a piano application in Microsoft Excel! No kidding, the creators must have really gone to some extreme pains to come up with the codes for this. It’s an excel sheet with an image of a grand piano and every key on your keyboard corresponds to a key on the piano. Or you can use your mouse cursor and click on a key of the piano image. Try it out for yourselves & download the file here