Reading Jackie Collins

juno dvd Reading Jackie Collins novels are my one vice that I am admittedly a little embarrassed about. It’s sleazy and full of corny dialogues and lots of cliches and sex scenes. Women are either classic beauties & sexy but with style & substance or the dumb blonde variety. Men are sex gods or feinds or drug dazed.

miss potter movie She’s been enormously successful: to date she has sold over 400 million copies of her novels which have been translated into 40 languages. The first book of hers which I had read was Rock Star, which I have to admit is my fav of hers and I think it’s a really good novel. I have read atleast another 11 of her books but this one stands out. Among the rest, what I have noticed is common trends. For eg, stealing a food item! Like ‘she stole a french fry off her friend’s plate’.

First of all, the friend offered her some of her food, our lady said no, but deep in conversation she decided to ‘steal’. Another novel has ‘stole a pancake’; again while two people are having breakfast together. And ofcourse, she has this trend of dumb dialogues among people. Long time friends saying things so obvious about each other. Or a father saying to his daughter “You’re really something kid” or the ever present “God, she loved him”!

home of the brave online download There’s a lot of insincere talk along the way but it’s fun in a sleazy way. When I pick up one of her books, I know that I won’t be taxing my brain too much. Except when I try to imagine the “blonde bimbo, with the floppy boobs and jammy lips applying a liberal dose of lip gloss”! That would be some scene!