Blowing Off Some Steam

download the christmas miracle of jonathan toomey A few days back it was decided that the guys of the training & quality teams would get together in one of the guys’ house and have a few drinks and some food. This was fixed this Tuesday and today, Saturday, was the day for it. No girls, since none of them drink.

So today after work the guys gathered together in the house of my department’s MIS guy. One of my trainer had his wife cook some delicious chicken fry and chicken curry and we bought some porottas as well. There were some snacks like mixture, peanuts & some chips.

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Drinks were plenty – two bottle of MGM Orange flavoured Vodka and one bottle of Brandy. Sprite & soda brought along the rear guard. There were 3 non-drinkers in our group. We have some laughs and had the food and drank a few. We played some rock songs on the stereo and head banged to it, sang along to it and played air guitar to it. Perfect way to blow off some steam?

I wanted to come home quickly, so my counterpart in quality drove me home on his bike. He doesn’t drink. I was in a little after 10 pm and since it’s been so hot, I took a bath and now I’m drinking some cold water and watching Star Trek 1.

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One Week (The Movie)

download recon 2022 the mezzo incident online This is a movie that I really want to see. One Week stars Joshua Jackson, who plays Ben Tyler a man diagnosed with cancer. With little chance of surviving it, he decides to travel across Canada. Along the way, he makes new friends, and learns to appreciate life.

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