Look Out For That Flying Brick

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One of my earliest memories is of when I was around 3-4. I don’t remember exactly how it happened (did I fall down the stairs?) but I had a gash on the top of my head and blood was gushing from it. I don’t remember much of the injury (duh!) but I remember being at the hospital, my dad carrying me and consoling me while I cried.

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I’m touching that spot on my head now. That wound meant that I had a very small spot with no hair growing on it as I had several stiches done on it. Years later, 13 years old I guess and back in India, I was getting together with some of my friends to play some game on the school ground during a free period. We needed bricks for marking off something. So a couple of us went looking for loose bricks that were lying around nearby as the school had some construction going on.

One of my friends, Rafeeq, was fooling around with stuff and without thinking, he tossed two bricks into the air in the general direction of where the rest of us were standing. The others ducked but I hadn’t seen the flying brick headed towards….my head! Too late, I saw the brick coming towards me but I couldn’t move away in time. The edge of the brick hit me hard on the exact same spot and I had another wound there as blood gushed a bit.

I was taken to the hospital a little later with my cousin and they had stiches done on my head. By evening I was drinking a juice and watching tv in my uncle’s house, waiting for my sister & dad to come and pick me up.

I Will Tell The Truth & I Need No Book

I wonder how the oath taking happens in legal courts. I mean, cause I’ve never actually been to court and seen it first hand. Whatever I have seen is in movies or tv. Weather in Western movies or Indian, it always seems the same – before you testify in a trial, a clerk of the court brings you the bible and asks “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” or something along the same lines.

So the person wouldn’t have planned on telling the truth but just because he does swear on the bible or some holy book, he or she will do so! “Oh dear, now I can’t lie. I’ve sworn on the bible! Dammit!” Or the koran or the torah or the gita! And that’s more than enough until the person testifying is proven to be lying while on oath.

What happens when an Atheist is called to testify? Like me! “I swear to tell the truth… On what book will we swear? The Da Vinci Code? The Encyclopedia Britiannica? Science or Math text books? Playboy? We wouldn’t need any. But I would love to see a clerk bringing the bible or some holy book to a testifying atheist and the guy or gal say loudly “No thanks, I’m an Atheist!” (Gasps from the crowd)

Now that they have an African-American President for the very first time, maybe in a few years they will have an Atheist President in the While House! “…so help me ….Einstein? Newton? Da Vinci?” LOL!