What Place Would You Write A Song About?

This is from one the blog prompts that is featured in Plinky.com (quite a nice little community site that gives you prompts for blog posts when you suffer a little case of writer’s block). I have got a few ideas of them and some I have kept on the backburner.

Today while looking up Plinky, I saw this prompt and it made me think about places that I have been to. Which ones would I want to write a song about?

There’s this little broken down ruins of what used to be a temple or some kind of place of worship quite near the Cochin University campus. I used to live in Thrikkakara and my house was a 2 minute walk away from the campus. This ruins of the temple is at the North end of the campus and there aren’t much buildings near it, just rows & rows of evenly spaced trees. The roof was completely destroyed and it’s just part of the walls that remain. It’s quite eerie to look at and even more to be next to it.

I’ve been there twice – once with some of my cousins and the second time with a couple of my friends. Each time we would go near what would have been the entrance of the temple, we would feel a chill going up our spines.  The first time we went there, it was just to rest from our walk from my house to the town area to buy some stuff for home. My cousins and I came near a broken peice of the idol/deity that was supposed to be there and we felt the wind pick up in intensity.

There seemed to be a small whirlwind kinda thing, when a gust of wind swirls round & round, picking up leaves and other light things in it’s wake. This scared us a bit (we were in our mid teens at the time) and we backed away and left the area. The second time I didn’t see any whirlwind or anything like it. My friends and I looked inside and tried to find the remains of the idol but it was no longer there. I still don’t know if it was a temple for the worship of a god or was it a place dedicated to black magic or sorcerry.

Who knows? It was eerie and I would like to see it again and find out what was the history behind the ruins. And I would want to write a song about it – I’d call it ‘Stormwind’ and it’ll be a mid-tempo rock classic in the vein of Hotel California.